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I love ghost stories. I also believe in spooks – or at least, that there’s something going on that gets marked as ghosts – and sometimes find myself diddling with things in an effort to see what knowledge one might glean regarding the subject.

While watching a YouTube video the other day, I was exposed to an app called “Spirit Story Box.” There’s dozens like it – ghost detectors of every make and model, some with audio processing, some just functioning as “radar,” some combos. It was only a buck, so I said “what the hell” and gave it a rip.

It’s been… odd. In the last hour or so the app has spat out the following: “Cabinet. Alone. Haunted woods. Green fever. Hidden bonds. Graveyard. Low. Zealous. Appreciative. Backyard.”

It’s been far more chatty than similar apps I’ve had. Wether that means anything or not isn’t for me to judge. I’m not convinced, though at least more of the words seem to fit together than previous experiences with this kind of app. Of course, they also sound like short form for the plot of a bad horror movie, so who knows if it’s scripted or not? We’ll see. Going to leave it running for a while longer to see what else happens.

Hey, it’s something to do in between runs to the bathroom and coughing fits. Hopefully it’s not prepping me to move over to the other side with sneak previews. If it says “fatal food poisoning” though, I’m calling the doctor.

What about you out there? Do you believe in spooks? Had your own experiences with unexplained phenomena? Tried out one of these apps? How did it go, and did it reinforce or cancel your beliefs on the subject? Let us know down below!

P.S. : As I was typing this, the app coughed up “butcher.” I don’t know if that makes it better or worse.

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