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Spook Stories, Mark 3


I know I’ve been on a run with this stuff lately. This will be the last on the subject for a bit, I swear.

Yet again, I opted to leave the Spirit Stories app running while I slept; here’s the listing of what it kicked out. (For semi-brevity and ease of typing, I’ll forgo the timestamps this time; if anyone is interested in that, let me know and I’ll arrange for that.)

Fluffy; Aunt laughs; bright; son answers; strict; thrown; depressed; morose; hose; thrown; cousin warns; movie; cursed backyard; gloomy; dejected; reserved Rhonda; vehicle; frightened mother; sheriff; thigh; sedatives; judge; carpet; son cries; hand; resentful; beside cellar; used chain; Betty judges; companionless; salesperson; close to floor; sound behind; dealer; lighthouse; front yard; shattered leg; rope; somber; trades; ceiling; scratch arm; vehicle; lighthouse; tavern; admired; lazy; shadowed parlor; hepatitis; don’t run; Craig walks; detects; enchanted living room; encouraging; spirited story; heartless jeweler; hospitable; argumentative lover; hostile; primitive; dishonest; knife; scratch face; prepares; son whispers; penitent; controls; thieving manager; vengeful; ranch; penitent; gullible relative; outraged; tariff; light; hand; cemetery; window; divan; with sedatives; kind; scratch leg; storeroom; below pool; cluster; dainty; axe; mate hires; hoe; health; colors; humiliated; dismayed; Holly; all around us; used bat; hopeless; meningitis; parlor; inactive girlfriend; mysterious; entity ahead; crowbar; egg; cursed roof; Denise; depressed mechanic; earrings; haversack; bruise; poet; diva; hostile; gullible friend; pantry; Alan answers; husband diagnoses; careful; nephew; train; feeling lonely; roof; egotistical; son travels; stereo; happy music; piano; lungs; impatient; Ricky orders; watchful; hateful; defensive; haunted ward; Sarah fixes; devalued; interested; admired; tearful; loud story; insipid; dejected; criticized; examines.

Quite a long list. Had it running from 11:32 PM last night til 6:46 AM today. Stopped when I rolled out of bed in a mad dash to pray to the great god Ralph. More info than you folks needed, I’m sure, but oh well.

 I don’t think I’ll be leaving it running anymore; it hasn’t kicked anything out that really convinces me its doing anything useful, and in all honesty I suspect it may be rigged to give “spooky” pattern answers.

But that in and of itself had me thinking. If it is a rigged game, its almost brilliant. Just random enough to make you suspect it may not be, just consistent enough to make you wonder. A large part of me enjoys contemplating and prodding at paranormal hoaxes. They’re almost as fascinating as the real thing. Assuming, of course, that there is such a concept as a “real thing” for those sorts of topics. I suspect there is, but I honestly think I’d be happier to have it disproven once and for all.

That may be why I have so many fraudulent psychics and “are they or aren’t they?” moments in my writing. Both of the manuscripts that are getting actively worked on, Believe Me and Smoke & Mirrors rely on those concepts; I’m sure they won’t be the only ones.

Enough about that, I suppose. I owe them their words for the day, after all. What about you folks out there? Is there some hobby or concept that you find keeps creeping into your own creative work? Do you encourage it or try to avoid it? Let us know down below!

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Spook Stories, Mark 2



Yesterday, I was playing around with an app called Spirit Story Box. The results were… odd. But not necessarily alarming. Just for fun, I decided to leave it running on the nightstand last night.

The results were worrisome. It is pretty long, so feel free to skip it if you like.

Staring at 11:54 PM, and running to 3:30 AM (when the battery died), I was presented with the following list:

  • 11:54 PM – Boyfriend Executes (Hmmm. Great start, right?)
  • 11:56 PM – Coarse Cousin (Is that who got executed?)
  • 11:59 PM – Orphan (Ruh roh.)
  • 12:00 AM – Object (Well… okay.)
  • 12:09 AM – Grandfather (Still okay, I guess.)
  • 12:10 AM – Ruthless nurse (Was she the orphan, the executed, a cousin or mean to grandpa? Who knows?)
  • 12:10 AM – Species (This is one of the few words that doesn’t seem to fit a theme.)
  • 12:12 AM – Discovers (This could go poorly…)
  • 12:15 AM – Creates (…or it could go nowhere.)
  • 12:16 AM – Companionless (My brain insists on tying that to grandpa and his ruthless nurse.)
  • 12:17 AM – Steve learns (What did Steve learn?)
  • 12:27 AM – Startled (I bet he was…)
  • 12:34 AM – Come (Come where? Are we going somewhere? Fun!)
  • 12:35 AM – Hand (Ewwww.)
  • 12:37 AM – Grandfather (Again?)
  • 12:41 AM – Crazy soldier (Was grandpa the soldier? The boyfriend?)
  • 12:50 AM – Powerless (Interesting word, here…)
  • 12:53 AM – Lazy nurse (Another reference to nurses. Weird.)
  • 12:55 AM – Thrown (What’s getting thrown? Do I really wanna know?)
  • 12:58 AM – Alone (It seems like it’s repeating a pattern, now. Interesting.)0
  • 1:01 AM – Chef (Another one-off word that seems irrelevant. Hmm.)
  • 1:02 AM – Helps (Or maybe not, depending on if we assume this is related to “Chef.”)
  • 1:03 AM – Boyfriend murders (The boyfriend apparently has a murder boner.)
  • 1:05 AM – Bashful (Well, apparently not that bashful, if he’s executing and murdering folks…)
  • 1:09 AM – Dejected (Hmm.)
  • 1:10 AM – Depraved (Yeah, I’d say so…)
  • 1:14 AM – Milk (More nonsense. At least I think so.)
  • 1:18 AM – Tuberculosis (Is that what landed grandpa in the hospital with the crappy nurses?)
  • 1:19 AM – Immobile (Seems to fit the pattern.)
  • 1:22 AM – Diseased veins (More references to being sick. Though I wonder what kind of disease?)
  • 1:22 AM – Old (Well, I’d assume so, given everything else…)
  • 1:26 AM – Underneath shack (Ruh roh, again. What shack? Kinda worried, now.)
  • 1:27 AM – Fedora (Apparently gramps was a snappy dresser.)
  • 1:29 AM – Wounded (By the ruthless nurse? By the boyfriend?)
  • 1:32 AM – Next to place (Guessing that the “place” is the shack.)
  • 1:35 AM – Depraved (Again. Interesting.)
  • 1:36 AM – Grant (The app specifically capitalized this, implying the proper name rather than other uses.)
  • 1:37 AM – Head (Hmm.)
  • 1:38 AM – Frightened (Gramps? Boyfriend? Grant? Betting grampa.)
  • 1:39 AM – Egotistical farmer (Wait…what??)
  • 1:40 AM – Blacksmith (Are we just spouting random professions, now?)
  • 1:42 AM – Drudge (Well, if I was an egotistical farming blacksmith, I’d probably be drudging, too.)
  • 1:45 AM – Shack (Same shack? The recurring themes are what really concerns me, here.)
  • 1:52 AM – Acid (Oh snap. Is that what was being drudged?)
  • 1:59 AM – Uncle covers (What was he covering? Is this uncle related to the earlier “cousin?”)
  • 2:00 AM – Plaza (Seems unrelated. I think.)
  • 2:02 AM – Architect (Again with the random professions.)
  • 2:02 AM – Cracked wrist (More injuries. Hmm.)
  • 2:04 AM – Threatened (If there was a broken wrist involved, that’s more than a threat…)
  • 2:05 AM – Excited (Think the boyfriend gets off on naughty stuff, eh?)
  • 2:05 AM – Grouchy (That was a quick mood swing…)
  • 2:09 AM – Stem (Seems unrelated.)
  • 2:13 AM – Charlotte smells (Well, that wasn’t very nice.)
  • 2:14 AM – Thigh (Here’s where it starts getting a little odd, like it’s shifted tracks.)
  • 2:16 AM – Back (Naming body parts, now?)
  • 2:21 AM – Distracted (I bet you are.)
  • 2:26 AM – Bernard travels (Well, good for him.)
  • 2:28 AM – Ridiculed (Well, you already told her she smells. Jeez!)
  • 2:34 AM – Lively (Not for long, eh?)
  • 2:35 AM – Around castle (Where’d Bernard go, if he’s in a castle?)
  • 2:37 AM – Leader (Of the castle?)
  • 2:40 AM – Lungs (Back to body parts? The previous mention of tuberculosis seems weird, though.)
  • 2:42 AM – Guy (What guy?)
  • 2:43 AM – Modern (Is Bernard a modern guy? I hope so.)
  • 2:46 AM – Mistress judges (“Judge not lest ye be judged,” honey.)
  • 2:48 AM – Jonathan (Hmmm.)
  • 2:49 AM – Hospital (Back to this theme again. Interesting…)
  • 2:53 AM – Befuddled (Seems like it could fit with grandpa, old, ruthless and lazy nurses. Maybe.)
  • 2:55 AM – Fretful (Not sure what to make of this one.)
  • 2:55 AM – Laborer (When taken with the other random job things, I wonder if someone was a jack-of-all-trades.)
  • 2:56 AM – Be courteous (Always good advice.)
  • 3:00 AM – Vengeful (Well that escalated quickly.)
  • 3:06 AM – Befuddled (Apparently gramps is still a little confused.)
  • 3:09 AM – Pants (Are we talking about clothing or breathing?)
  • 3:10 AM – Window (What window?)
  • 3:14 AM – Visitor (Given that I sleep with the window open, I’m now slightly concerned.)
  • 3:22 AM – Basement (Well, at least I don’t have one.)
  • 3:23 AM – Book (Okay. Seems unrelated.)
  • 3:26 AM – Shoved friend (Back on message. People gettin’ violent everywhere, it seems.)
  • 3:29 AM – Dining room (Scene of the crime?)
  • 3:30 AM – Around nine (Time of death?)

I really wish I’d thought to plug in the phone before passing out, since I’m curious to see if things would have continued in this vein. But still, interesting.

What do you folks out there think? Random chance or spooky weirdness? Have you tried the app, and if so, what were your results? Let us know down below!

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Spook Stories



I love ghost stories. I also believe in spooks – or at least, that there’s something going on that gets marked as ghosts – and sometimes find myself diddling with things in an effort to see what knowledge one might glean regarding the subject.

While watching a YouTube video the other day, I was exposed to an app called “Spirit Story Box.” There’s dozens like it – ghost detectors of every make and model, some with audio processing, some just functioning as “radar,” some combos. It was only a buck, so I said “what the hell” and gave it a rip.

It’s been… odd. In the last hour or so the app has spat out the following: “Cabinet. Alone. Haunted woods. Green fever. Hidden bonds. Graveyard. Low. Zealous. Appreciative. Backyard.”

It’s been far more chatty than similar apps I’ve had. Wether that means anything or not isn’t for me to judge. I’m not convinced, though at least more of the words seem to fit together than previous experiences with this kind of app. Of course, they also sound like short form for the plot of a bad horror movie, so who knows if it’s scripted or not? We’ll see. Going to leave it running for a while longer to see what else happens.

Hey, it’s something to do in between runs to the bathroom and coughing fits. Hopefully it’s not prepping me to move over to the other side with sneak previews. If it says “fatal food poisoning” though, I’m calling the doctor.

What about you out there? Do you believe in spooks? Had your own experiences with unexplained phenomena? Tried out one of these apps? How did it go, and did it reinforce or cancel your beliefs on the subject? Let us know down below!

P.S. : As I was typing this, the app coughed up “butcher.” I don’t know if that makes it better or worse.

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Goodreads Review: How to be a Ghost Hunter

How to Be a Ghost HunterHow to Be a Ghost Hunter by Richard Southall

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Claiming to be any fresh ghost hunter’s essential how-to guide, the book itself reads more like a checklist of basic information; that in itself isn’t necessarily a crime, but when it’s information that could be found nearly anywhere with a quick Google search, it seems superfluous. The use of sometimes-confusing language (when discussing EVPs, for example, we refer frequently to “ghost recording,” which does not reference the act of recording the EVPs, but rather to a type of spirit) and occasional errors in the “recommended gear” section (the one that really jumped out at me was stating that the use of “Microsoft Photoshop” could be helpful) didn’t help much.
Overall, there wasn’t much substance here. Certainly nothing that warranted a whole book. A brief pamphlet or a simple web page could have conveyed the same and not felt padded, plus would have given more opportunity to fix errors or update as times change.

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