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Latest Work:

Vampire 2.0

Vlad Tepes has quite a few problems; not the least of which is the replacement of half his internal organs by cybernetic implants that cause all manner of distractions. With vampire hunters on his tail, his destined lover in the line of fire, and a chubby-chasing gargoyle who fancies himself a 1920s gangster as his only ally, staying alive – or undead – is harder for him than it ever has been. The story starts here!


Believe Me – WIP. Current word count: 20,648/80,000 (approximate.) Lila Morrigan claimed to have psychic powers… but was exposed as both a fraud and a criminal. When she delivers new warnings to Dr. Gabriel Michaels, is it another scam… or a genuine message from beyond? See a short excerpt here!

Latest Video:

Having a chat with Little Miss No Name!

General News:

Vampire 2.0 begins serialization – 1/28/20

“Riptide” begins – 1/19/18

“Layers” is finished. – 1/19/18

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