Goodreads Review: UFOs, JFK and Elvis

UFOs, JFK & Elvis: Conspiracies You Don't Have to Be Crazy to BelieveUFOs, JFK & Elvis: Conspiracies You Don’t Have to Be Crazy to Believe by Richard Belzer

Richard Belzer is well known as a comedian, an actor, and a conspiracy theorist; sometimes all three at once, as is frequently the case with his character Detective Munch across many television series and seasons. If you’ve listened to him talk, you’re aware that he brings a signature blend of dry wit, distinctively Jewish-themed self-deprecating sarcasm, and a fierce intelligence to nearly any party.

This book is no different. Belzer is on point in his attitude from the first to the last page, formulating an immensely enjoyable read. For those who choose to take it as comedy, you certainly can; for those looking for a more intellectual exercise, even if you don’t necessarily see the world through the black lenses of conspiracy everywhere that he does, there’s still plenty of interesting ideas to chew on.

If I had one complaint about the book, it’s that the title is a trifle misleading; while there’s plenty of material about UFOs and related phenomena, and more than half the book is dedicated to assorted JFK tidbits, there is a notable lack of Elvis within the tome, short of a couple of brief comparison remarks made near the beginning. Kidding, really; I can do with less Elvis in my life.

A worthy addition to any conspiracy theorists’ (or those who are interested in them) shelf, perhaps the biggest highlight is the extensive bibliography lurking innocently at the end. Worth running down some of those sources to see how far down the rabbit hole it goes.

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