Too Hot

I can’t work like this. No, really. Given all my problems, dealing with 100+ degree temperatures is just too much.

It’s Oregon, damnit! It’s supposed to be 50 degrees and damp year round! Or so the brochures told me. Instead we’re on year 3 of heatwaves and record temperatures all summer long. Even inside, with a portable air conditioner running, it’s still 80+ every day, all day, and that’s almost outside my realm of tolerance. It’s certainly not comfortable.

Upstairs, though, that’s the problem. You see, that’s where my workstation is. Mock the insanity of a severe asthmatic who has issues walking and talking putting his computer and such upstairs, but there wasn’t really anywhere else to put the stuff. The apartment is kinda small. But, as we all learned in elementary school, heat rises.

There’s no AC up here. I have a couple of industrial fans, but all they seem to do is move the hot air around. Staying up here long enough to write a quick blog post is torture, and doing it long enough to get work done on my game projects or actually write is just not feasible. This is frustrating, since my mood is such that I actually want to work on things, and essentially can’t.

The heat is the enemy. I hate it. I loathe it. But this too shall pass… or so they tell me. My bones are screaming, which says rain is coming. I could do for a nice six hour long thunderstorm right about now, so keeping my fingers crossed.

What about those of you out there? Is the heat getting to you as well? How does it impact your work and leisure time? What do you do about it? Let us know down below!

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