Living Planets

What if we were to consider, just for a moment, the idea that planets were alive?

Not “alive” as in “there is life on them,” or that “life comes from them,” but rather that they were a form of sentient life. Perhaps like eggs, waiting for their time to hatch into either benevolent gods or merciless monsters? Who’s to say that dread R’lyeh is not actually Earth itself, and one day it will crack as Cthulhu laughingly once again ascends to the stars?


Of course, my mind tends to favor the latter. Amoral (or potentially actively evil) demonic monstrosities beyond space and time better suit my mindset than anything shiny and happy or indifferent to us in a non-harmful way. Of course, the idea of our planet cracking in two to birth any kind of behemoth is liable to be fatal to us anyway so the distinction may not matter.

I’ve no idea why this idea burrowed into my head in the late hours of the evening, only that it did. It’s something I’ve noted for possible use later, though for now “Riptide” and Believe Me are the focus of my creative attention by virtue of necessity. Stretching too thin is liable to destroy any viability either of them has.

But what about you folks out there? Have you tinkered with the idea, or drawn inspiration from contemplating it now? Feel free to drop a link or a synopsis of your own tales of living (or unliving) planets and their shenanigans down below if you like.

Until next time.

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