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New Video: Speaking with the Spirits?

I got a new app a couple of days ago, and have been fiddling around with it; decided to share some of the results.

Have some other suggestions for me to potter about with, or something you’d like to see me try with this one? Let us know down below!


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Gaming Whinging and Nintendo Rage

Nintendo has hurt me plenty over the years. Like most folks, my fascination with gaming was pretty solidly rooted in that old gray box (and the need to blow on cartridges with some form of voodoo ritual to make them behave), but in time I grew to loathe the people who gave me that initial pleasure… but they want me back.

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Dreams of Omission

Referencing some of the things I brought up last week, about where ideas come from, I took a moment to provide some final thoughts and a question; when writing (or creating in general) something very personal or tied to things you haven’t discussed with others before, how much do you share? Are there parts that you leave out, censor, or otherwise alter?

Let us know down below, and if you’re of a mind and want to share a dream-based bit of art, feel free to drop a link while you’re at it!

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