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Been a while, hasn’t it? Just a bit, anyway.

Things haven’t changed significantly on the health front. Degenerating, of course, but hasn’t managed to kill me yet. Still need surgery that I still can’t afford. Oh well. The mental health is more reason why I haven’t been active, as they’ve been playing roulette with my meds and the world outside gets crazier and crazier, increasing my anxiety and depression. C’est la vie.

But I’m not here about that. Two bits of news.

One, not that it’s that exciting to most people, is that I am finally ranked in the top 1,000 in my country and top 5,000 in the world (920 and 4,538 at last check-in) in terms of PlayStation trophy percentage. Busting through those has been a major goal for me for quite a while, and finally hitting the milestone pleases me. It may be sad, but such is life. Trophies provide at least a small measure of validation and sense of accomplishment, which is important given my other problems. Next goal is to break 3,000 worldwide and 500 in the USA. Past that I don’t think is really possible given that I try to play games I actually want to play and don’t multi-stack games from different regions or platforms (unless there’s a difference in content, like Spirit Hunter: Death Mark having an additional case and associated trophies on the console version vs. the Vita version I originally bought), so I’ll never be in the hallowed halls Hakoom and others like him walk… but it’ll still feel good when I get there, anyway.

Second bit of news is probably more exciting, and more of interest to the readers of this blog that still remain: I have a new book coming out. Insomniac Nightmares, a collection of 15 short stories (including the much lauded and never seen “Little Miss No Name”) should be available before the end of July. As soon as I have a link and preview available, I’ll share them here, though don’t expect a lot of shameless self promotion. It’s against my nature, and my mental illness wouldn’t cooperate with it even if that weren’t the case. But hopefully some of you will check it out (or at least give me a virtual pat on the back for getting off my ass and doing something, at least.)

Until next time, folks.



Not about fiction, writing, or anything that’s actually relevant. Just going to rant for a second.

I use a Mac. I know that makes some of your eyes bleed, your brains boil, your blood pressure rise; I have a reason for it. In the dim dark days of my youth, I worked in video production and television broadcasting. If you wanted to do that sort of thing, or graphic design, or audio editing, or any creative field, really, you used a Mac. They were the workhorses in that department, and though they were pretty expensive for “just a computer,” they frequently ended up being more bang for the buck when you were doing those things because that’s what they had been built for and the software was built around it.

That isn’t necessarily the case, anymore – FCPX is a damned embarrassment, most of the rest of the Apple Creative Suite has been killed off, rolled into gimped features of FCPX or hasn’t bothered to be updated or functional for any recent systems, and the hardware inside is functionally identical to most Windows PCs – but 20 years ago, that was the way. Since I did a lot of work from home and had to do some edit jobs on location, my home computer and laptop were Macs, too; everything talked to each other, the same software was on all of them, got the job done.

I’ve kept with it primarily to keep that “everything talks to each other” ability and because for the most part, it does what I want it to. There’s the occasional roadblock (not having a Mac executable for games or certain software, mostly), sometimes circumvented by a VM or a Wine wrapper, but nothing major. When it does become a major issue, there’s the wonders of BootCamp. I have Windows 10 on my machine (unwillingly; they removed support for Windows 7, unfortunately.), and lately I’ve been spending more time in there than on macOS, since I’ve been diddling with RPG Maker and streaming software that don’t like running under macOS.

That’s fine. I’m not entirely happy about it, but I have it configured how I want it and it does the damned job. Until the 15th. Windows arbitrarily decided to update. Which it does without warning, and frequently just decides to reboot when I’m in the middle of something. Doesn’t ask, just does. Charming little trick, that. But this last update completely borked my network adapter.

My internet is supposed to be 200 down, 5 up (why the disparity, I dunno; my old service was 40 down, 20 up, and I liked it just fine, but that carrier isn’t available in my new neighborhood.) Now, my computer is upstairs (though it’s an open loft, not strictly a second floor) and I’m connecting via WiFi, so I don’t expect it to be perfect, but since that update, I get an average of .4 down. Still get 5 up, for some reason, but the upload speed doesn’t mean dick when you can’t even open WordPress or your cloud-based manuscripts and Twitter is acting like an old school AOL message board.

Reset the router/modem. Tested every other device on WiFi sitting next to the computer. Split the network and force connected to 5ghz. Nothing helps. Reboot to macOS, getting 70-120 down, 5 up (which is an acceptable degradation, given circumstances, and not unexpected… but at least it’s functional.)

Look into the problem, discover this is a known issue that has happened many times before (pretty much at least once a year since Win10 hit, which just reinforces my loathing for it and desire to go back to Win7, which worked just fine, thank you.) So now I’m having BootCamp redownload its own drivers, so I can forcibly overwrite them on the Windows side. Hopefully I can find a way to disable the auto updates for the network card, so it doesn’t do that crap again. But we’ll see.

So if anyone’s wondering why there isn’t a new and exciting content today, that’s why. Fighting with goddamn updates and reinstalls all bloody day. Ugh.

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New Year, New Look

We’re trying a few things out over here, in honor of the new year; not least is a significant amount of cleanup around the site. You may notice that much of the content is gone; the fiction has been rounded up and returned to manuscript form in the case of unfinished work, while the completed short stories are now all to be found on Wattpad. The review pages remain. Opinion pieces and general information are getting compiled into cleaner essay format and will probably start making their reappearances as time goes on. General whinging and so-called “progress updates” have been properly flushed.

The book buying pages have also been scrapped for the time being, though of course everything can still be found over on Amazon if you’re of a mind. Those will be overhauled and returned in due time.

Of course, the biggest change – at the moment, at least – is the site getting an official name change and logo. See, up top? There my darling daughter sits, staring benevolently at you, as you peruse the content here on Insomniac Nightmares. Enjoy.

In the words of the Counting Crows, it’s been a long December, but there’s reason to believe that this year will be better than the last. Here’s to everyone who still visits, and everyone who has stopped by in the past. May you all have a safe, happy and productive year in 2018.

If I’ve somehow retained your interest, please feel free to drop a Like, Follow or Share, to hit me up on Twitter, check out my books on Amazon or drop a nickel in the bucket on PayPal or Patreon. Everything and anything is appreciated.

Happy New Year, folks. Cheers.

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