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Trophy Hunt – 10/11


Well, two Platinums were added to the cabinet this week, though I’m not particularly happy about either of ’em…

First was Ghostbusters: Remastered (or, as the trophy card says, “Ghostbusters: Remasterd…”) Now, I’m not unhappy about having the Platinum because there’s something wrong with the game. On the contrary, it’s splendid. I love Ghostbusters. I always have. The original movie was the first non-Disney thing I was allowed to watch, and I watched it literally hundreds of times when I was young. When the game originally came out in the dim dark days of 2009, I was over the moon. I adored it, played the hell out of it, laughed my ass off at it.

The main flaw in the original was the janky online setup and the glitched trophies associated with it… but we can’t all be perfect.

The new version is exactly the same, just shinier and prettier, and with a little nod to the deceased Mr. Ramis at the beginning. They jettisoned the online play. It’s a trifle clunky – of course, it always was – but it still deserves my love in every way and was well worth every penny, both when it came out for $60 back in the day and when it landed last week for $30.

What’s the problem?

It’s over. That’s all. I ripped the game apart and claimed the Platinum in a single day, and while I adored every minute I spent with the game and am very happy to have played it again, it just makes me sad. It’s the sense of “I loved it, and I ate it too fast, and now that it’s gone, it’ll never come back.” There’s not going to be a game like it ever again, I fear, and I rushed it.

Aside from the length, though, if you have ever even slightly enjoyed anything Ghostbusters related, go play the game, already. It’s great stuff.

The other was disappointing for a more mundane reason. Virginia, a walking simulator. I have no beef with walking simulators. Some of them I quite enjoy (Slender and Edith Finch come to mind, though some argue Slender straddles a weird line between survival horror and walking sim.) Some of them I can’t stand, considering them pretentious. Gone Home and Here They Lie fit into that camp.

Virginia manages to be the queen of the garbage heap. It’s more pretentious than Life is Strange or Gone Home, piles on garbage graphics (of course, calling it “artistic choice,” thus ensuring that anyone who points out that the characters are just friggin’ Nintendo Miis or XB360 Avatars are some kind of bigot), takes any semblance of story and flushes it straight down the toilet alongside any concept of coherence (while claiming it is “inspired” by things like Twin Peaks; sorry, chief, go play Deadly Premonition. David Lynch-ean nonsense has its own sense, and flitting randomly around without any explanation isn’t how to do it) and then decides to have a literal goddamn acid drop, as if in some last-ditch effort to explain or excuse the whole mess.

Yeah. Plus, I dunno about you, but given that my not-quite-launch-but-close PS4 Pro can handle marathons of Yakuza or Devil May Cry 5 before it goes into “jet engine” mode or skipping frames, I am concerned that this bland piece of shit frequently chugs along at a framerate that makes me more motion sick than the first time I tried Resident Evil 7 in VR mode and makes the fans sound like they’re trying to start a launch sequence the whole time.

The trophy list is just as idiotic and senseless as the game itself; no real descriptions, just vague, pretentious bullshit. My favorite is “Benway: The true ship is the ship-builder,” though “Flea: Victories in time and space” pulls a second. The first one you get for mucking with a guy building a model of a ship. The other you get for annoying your investigation partner by fiddling with her radio.

The most annoying of all is “Doam: Bis!” You get this by beating the game a second time. I don’t know why; according to Google Translate, “Bis” means “encore” in Albanian, but I have no idea if that’s related. The reason this is stupid is because there is no bloody reason to do it more than once. There are collectibles, but there are no actual choices, no branching paths, nothing that changes what happens. So it’s just a pretentious “hey, play our game again! You can waste a second two hours, right?”

Of course, I did. Because leaving the game at 92% would have been more infuriating than playing it already was. But that’s some bullshit.

So Virginia will now sit at the top of the pile of “worst game I’ve ever played,” and hopefully it may save some of you from being subjected to it.

Beyond that, finished the Consequences DLC for The Evil Within… will probably go do Kurayama mode for that and The Assignment soon; finished Yakuza 3, so just need to do all the grindy crap and finish it on Legend; and started playing Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise, which might as well be advertised as “Yakuza, with an anime paintjob.” Then of course Yakuza 4 hits late this month, so… yeah.

What’ve you been playing? What did you think of Ghostbusters or Virginia? Is there something you think I should give a try? Let us know down below!

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Trophy Hunt, 10/3

Things are slowing down a bit, as many of my physical games have been boxed up for the move, many of my digitally owned games have either already been stripmined of their trophies or are just completely unappealing at the moment, and GameFly is temporarily on hold so I don’t end up with a Vita cartridge or PS4 disc lost in the mail somewhere, but progress has still been made.

The Sinking City and Yomawari: Night Alone have both given up their Platinums. So far as TSC goes, I think it gets kind of a bum rap; sure, it’s got some issues, but overall I thought it was one of the best Mythos-related games I’ve played. It’s the game that last year’s Call of Cthulhu wanted to be, and despite the Mass Effect 3 “dial-an-ending,” I still found it enjoyable, engrossing, visually stimulating and suitably creepy. The trophy list was kind of small for a game of its length, and there weren’t a lot of clever or “outside the box” trophies, but it wasn’t full of “why the hell would I want to even try to do that?” trophies, either.

Yomawari was enjoyable as well, and in many ways better than it’s predecessor, Night Alone, though there was some very tedious pattern learning with the boss monsters, overall I didn’t regret my time with the game. The trophy list itself was fairly even with a mixture of game progress, collectibles, and “do X this many times.” No funky ones, and thank God it doesn’t have another one like “Long Night” from the original (play a 3 hour game for 50 hours. Who thought of that one?), though the “Die 80 times,” depending on how well you do during the main game, may be a bit of a grind… and the game tends to crash, so be wary. If you’re curious, I do recommend checking out NitroRad’s review of the games, which is pretty close to my own opinion; you can find the YouTube video right here.

Also almost completed Rise of Insanity, though I will have to go through it a second time to pick up a couple of collectibles and a pair of “do this at X time” trophies I missed. Fairly enjoyable game, and worth grabbing on a sale, with a list that isn’t too traumatic to complete. No Platinum, though.

Progress being made on Devil May Cry, though new trophies earned; picking at earning S-Ranks and beating Very Hard and Dante Must Die mode on DMC3, though stuck doing it as Vergil since I inadvertently saved over my Dante file, and don’t feel like going back and grabbing all the blue orbs, abilities, upgrades and piles of Vital Stars/Devil Stars before I can try to tackle the higher difficulties. At least Vergil was mostly upgraded after his initial run. Devil May Cry 1 is about halfway through Hard and doing the Secret Missions. 2 continues to rot, even though it really isn’t much more work for Platinum. Just need like 3 Blue Shards for Lucia and it’ll be done. It’s just painful to contemplate playing through it to get them.

Started Yakuza 3 in earnest (I had completed the first chapter, then put it aside because I still have to finish 6Kiwami 2 and Judgement, picked it back up because I have it digitally but the other three are physical and boxed up.) Busy knocking out the miscellaneous trophies (break 30 weapons, find junk on the beach, catch a tuna, train a hostess, etc) while grinding XP before moving on to the game proper, but have reached Chapter 4. It may actually be the first Yakuza I can actually platinum, since they don’t have the damn “Complete the List 100%” thing, so the fact I can’t get my head around Shogi and Mahjong and only vaguely understand Oichi-Kaibu won’t punish me.

Lastly, I went back to The Evil Within, which I swear I really will 100% one day. Finished The Assignment, with the exception of Kurayami mode (which I’ll go back for and do in tandem with The Consequence‘s Kurayami mode). Will probably be tackling The Consequence this evening or tomorrow morning, if the Gods don’t bless me and magically make Ghostbusters Remastered appear on my hard drive.

Maybe there was more progress made than I thought; this is a pretty long post. Oh well. We’ll see where it goes from here. What about the rest of you? What games are you working on, and is there something you think I should tackle? Let me know down below!


Trophy Hunt – 9/26


Okami has fallen. The platinum now resides in my trophy shelf, immortalized as my 125th Platinum. Hooray?

By the time I finished the game, I was honestly starting to hate it; it was severely overstaying its welcome, and the boss rush and 6-stage final boss, especially after the pain that was the Wakwu Temple, was just dragging its feet in an apparent attempt to pad the runtime. When I started, I was skeptical… not really understanding why everyone seems to think it’s one of the best games ever. By the midpoint, I was warming to it, somewhat; still not one of the best games, but definitely a decent game. By the end, I hated it again.

Oh well.

I also finally kicked Puzzle QuestChallenge of the Warlords to the curb. It’s been literal years since I grabbed the PS2 Classics version, and began inching my way through it. Honestly, having finished it again (because I had it for PSP and PS2 back in the day, and bought it again for XB360), I don’t know why I was so bloody enamored of it. It’s slow, clunky, ugly, and frequently blatantly unfair. (To this day, I swear the CPU opponents “know” what’s going to fall when they make a move. The number of times some random green in the corner starts an 8+ move cascade with multiple +5 Skulls involved seems a little too frequent for mere chance.) But at least it’s done.

Stared The Sinking City, which is much more entertaining… to me, at least. The combat is a little janky and unnecessary, and sometimes navigation is cumbersome (walk down this street, hop on a boat, take the boat to that street, get off the boat, sneak through a combat zone, get on a boat, get off the boat, and now you might be where you were headed), but overall I think it’s a solid game. The fact it doesn’t hold your hand, making you actually do some detective work to sort out where you’re headed and why, is certainly different and (in my opinion) enjoyable. In a lot of ways, it feels like the game Call of Cthulhu wanted – and failed – to be. CoC still has a couple of things going for it over TSC – the graphical style (though not the fidelity, I fear), better load times, and more detailed environments – but if I have to pick one for my Mythos gaming, Sinking City wins. (But can we maybe get the two developers to work together, plastering over each other’s weaknesses, and make a Mythos game that shakes the walls of R’lehya? It’d be AWESOME.)

About halfway through the game, about 35% through the trophy list. It’s pretty enjoyable so far, though I would likely be somewhat irate if I was playing without a “warning list” of “no return” trophy points and choice-based ones. Almost every case has two (or more) resolutions, and there’s generally a trophy attached to each. Given that, while I enjoy the game, it’s not really one I see myself wanting to complete in full more than once, save-scumming is a must.

Still picking at the Devil May Cry trilogy, Labyrinth Life and the Vita God of War collection, as well as Siren. Will probably be taking on YomawariMidnight Shadows this week as well, if GameFly and the postal service cooperate with me. Just hoping that one doesn’t have another “play for 50 hours” trophy like the first one.

That wraps up the trophy round up on this end; what about you folks out there? What are you playing? What should I be playing? What trophies have you earned that you’re stupidly proud of… or do you wish you could hide on your profile? Let us know down below! Until next time.

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Trophy Hunt – 9/19


Another slow week, and one of surrender.

HTOL#NIQ got shipped back to GameFly, unbeaten. I am broken. I just couldn’t do it. I didn’t care about the game, I didn’t care for the game, I felt the mechanics were awful, and what the trophies wanted from me was liable to cause a stroke. Overall, just not worth it.

I always feel bad when I give up on a game – unless the trophies I’ve given up on are specifically glitched/unachievable, or tied to multiplayer that is underplayed or unavailable, or they are just far beyond my skillset (the gambling-related stats in most Yakuza games, f’rex) – but even though I frequently play terrible games, and will do so to completion, even I have limits. Gaming is supposed to be fun, not abject misery, and HTOL#NIQ was quickly heading in that direction.

I did some digging in the backlog, and knocked out a couple of troublesome flies left over from my last visit to Devil May Cry 2. The only thing left to do in that one is fully upgrade the life bar. Amusingly, it’s also one of the few I need for Devil May Cry 5. I just seem to have problems hunting down the one blue orb I missed somewhere in this series. (I think it’s also one of the last trophies I got in Devil May Cry 4 and DmC, and it’s liable to be one of the last in Devil May Cry as well.) Also ripped through the rest of normal difficulty in the original Devil May Cry, and am picking my way through Hard (with a guide, hopefully finding all the little blue rocks this time.) Once I kick those two out, it’s probably time to try to finish VMD difficulty in Devil May Cry 3 and go find that last orb in 5, before I beat the hell out of myself trying to platinum 4. Then I can have the whole series all on one platform and all with Platinums. It’ll be shiny and happy.

Speaking of Capcom games (and their subsidiaries and former employees,) I also made a little more headway in The Evil Within. Doing a slow run to find all the collectibles, before I learn to hate myself in Akumu. And finally, have gotten around to really playing Okami. I’ve tried before – I owned it for PS2 and never left the village, owned it for Wii and don’t think I even ever booted it up – but this time I’m actually playing the damned thing.

Okami is odd to me. Part of me hates it just because I heard too many people fapping to it and telling me how it’s the best game ever. Frequently those people didn’t bother buying it, judging from the sales stats (around 270,000 copies sold in NA for PS2, about 130,000 for Wii.) There are more games I hate for the fanbase than I hate for the game itself, and Okami is very close to the top of that list. Part of me thinks it shows its age poorly, and has a certain clunkiness that makes it hard to like. But it’s still somewhat enjoyable, and it is without a doubt pretty. It’s a basic Zelda knockoff, but it does what it does well and doesn’t resort to Monkey Island logic to solve some of the puzzles and collectibles, so that’s not bad. Still not something I would pay $40 a third time, but amusing enough. I’m about to go kick Orochi’s face in (which I believe puts me around the halfway mark) so it won’t be abandonded this time… but I still don’t think I’d be putting it on any of my “top games of all time” lists. Of course, most people will tell me that if I make such a list that it’s wrong. The first four entries of Metal Gear Solid 3Silent Hill 2The Binding of Isaac and Yakuza marks me as a nerd, a weeb, and not “artsy” enough, and my dislike of Braid or Fez leaves me outcast amongst my people.

Anyway. There may be a week taken off from Trophy hunting, as Gears 5 may soon be accessible to me, and there will have to be some time Achievement hunting in that, instead, and then there may be some time spent with the PS3 and PS2 classics section (I have to finish Siren, and I have the first three Fatal Frame games installed that still need love) for Halloween. But we’ll see.

What about you out there? What games are you working on? What games should I torture myself with? You can sometimes catch me playing them live over on Twitch, and if you want to stalk me, it’s Ashande on PSN and Typo Monster on XBL.

As always, if you like my stuff and want to help me keep doing it, you can drop a dime over at Patreon, or help support my surgery GoFundMe. Contributions are always appreciated, but never required. Until next time, folks!

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Trophy Hunt, September 11


It’s been slow going on the trophy front for the last week; between spending a lot of time dealing with medical problems and working on Black Yard and the games I had on hand either being time sinks or being annoying and unfun to start with, progress was stalled.

I did, however, kick out three Platinums since we last spoke; Yomawari: Night Alone finally gave up the ghost, so to speak, after wrapping a rubber band around the thumbstick and glaring at the Vita for a couple of days. “Long Night” is potentially the trophy I am most angry at for existing. I don’t mind “play for this long” trophies in some games, so long as they make for at least a semi-logical timeframe. But if your game takes around 5 hours to 100%, including multiple RNG factors and a metric crapton of pattern memorization and dying until you get it just right, you don’t need a damned trophy to play it for 50 hours. No one is wandering around that map for ten times longer than they need to just for funsies. But at least it finally popped.

Steins;Gate 0 was also encountered and defeated. This was also a bit of a sour one. I’ve heard, repeatedly, that the Steins;Gate games are amazing visual novels. I haven’t tried the first one as of yet (though it is installed on my PS3), but 0 was possibly the most boring one I’ve played other than Nekopara. I worked my way through the first four chapters, discovering that the only real choices you were making were whether to answer your phone or not – you get text messages sometimes, and can respond to them in a variety of ways, but they don’t actually change anything – and even then that happens maybe once a chapter… well. I was less than impressed. The fact I didn’t care about any of the characters, actively hated at least two of them and was bored to tears with what story I’d been presented with didn’t help. I’m not ashamed to admit I put the little bugger in fast forward and blitzed out the trophies before dropping it back in the mailbox.

On the other hand, for an actually entertaining visual novel-style game, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is finally complete. It took longer than expected – as with a lot of VNs or adventure games, sometimes you will bash your head against the wall repeatedly even when you know the answer, because the game wants you to present it their way, which is sometimes a little obtuse – but it was still fun, funny, and appropriately emotional at times. There weren’t enough “do random stuff” trophies for my taste, and the “collectible” trophies varied between “why is this even an achievement?” to “how much of this do I have to endure?”, so could have used a little evening out, but I don’t regret my time with Nick and his friends. Well worth it.

So far as what’s next, I still have to deal with HTOL#NIQ, which shares a cartridge with Yomawari. I don’t know if it’s a game I can actually platinum or not, but I’ll try. Also, inspired by YouTuber NitroRad’s Halloween Specials, I came back to Siren and NightCry, making a little progress in each. Siren is occasionally frustrating, but still a decent enough game (and hey, Sony, if you’re reading this? Can we get Forbidden Siren 2 or Siren: Blood Curse ported over to PS4? Thanks). NightCry is active torture. Whoever let that thing get released with those frame rate issues should be shot. (Ever play a Clock TowerHaunting Ground, or Outlast? Picture trying to run from the enemies in those games with a stamina bar that makes Sebastian in The Evil Within look like a Kenyan long-distance runner, incredibly twisty paths, and running at 5 FPS or less. Yeah. It’s that bad.) Which, since I’m begging Sony for stuff anyway, hey, can we get Clock Tower 3 and Haunting Ground as PS4 ports? Or even PS2 classics on PS3? Pretty please?

Anyway. That’s it for now. I have to go make another room in Black Yard.

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Trophy Hunt – September 6


It’s been a slow week in trophy-land, but not entirely unproductive. Horizon Chase Turbo and The Wolf Among Us have been added to the Platinum cabinet. I honestly was doubting whether or not HCT was going to be in there, and suspected it might rot at around 80% complete, but my stubbornness finally pushed me through the Endurance mode and to finish off the Master Tournament to get that oh so shiny 100% in there.

Yomawari: Night Alone and it’s pal HTOL#NIQ or whatever you want to call it aren’t done, yet. Night Alone just needs some collectible hunting and then leaving the Vita on forever and a day for the stupid “Long Night” trophy. HTOL needs actual effort; I haven’t played it much since the first day. Once they’re done, I think I’m going to loop around and try to knock out the rest of Corpse Party: Blood Drive; sick of looking at the icon on my home screen, and might as well knock out another “cutesy horror game” since I’m on the train already.

The Phoenix Wright trilogy is nearly complete; as of this morning, Justice For All is done, and the first case of Trials and Tribulations. All that’s left are two case-specific collectible trophies, one game-wide collectible trophy, and finishing off the game itself. Hopefully by next week Phoenix, Miles, Maya, Ema and the rest will have said their peace, with no additional “Objection!”s. (And, hey, Capcom, if you’re listening… there’s 5 other games that came out here you could bundle up. Plus another three you can toss in if you want to do some translating. Get on that.)

After all that, I suspect it’s going to be all Yakuza, all the time. JudgementYakuza 3Yakuza Kiwami 2, and Yakuza 6 all need some love, and by the time I get through those, I’m sure Yakuza 4 will be available. Plus Shenmue 1 & 2 are still waiting in line, and 3 will be dropping shortly, so… yeah. Drowning in weird Japanese culture/time-wasting/ass-kicking games for the foreseeable future.

What about you folks? What games are eating up your time? Let us know down below, and if there’s something you’d like to see me tackle, you can drop that down there, too.

If you want to stalk my progress, you can find me on Twitter, over on Twitch, or on PSN as Ashande, or Xbox Live as Typo Monster.


Trophy Hunt – August 30


It has not been a good week, trophy wise. I finally kicked Game of Thrones to the curb, so there’s that, but beyond that it’s been slow going. There’s been some picking at the backlog (Dead Rising 2: Off the Record saw me picking up a handful of trophies that I didn’t have out of sheer laziness) but mostly it’s been adding Uneared Trophies to the list without chipping any away. The Yakuza Collection now taints my card with 1 out of 50 in Yakuza 3 (I will get to it, but for now it’s denting my percentage alongside its siblings, JudgmentYakuza Kiwami 2 and Yakuza 6, all of which I really need to sit down and just finish already.) The Wolf Among Us has been begun, but I haven’t had the time to sit and plow through it; it seems significantly longer than other Telltale offerings… but at least it’s actually good, unlike its cousin Game of Thrones. Yomawari: Night Alone and Firefly Diary are there, too, but are unlikely to be fast completions. Yomawari, especially, with the “Long Night” trophy, requiring you to play for 50 hours, is gonna take a bit.

Labyrinth Life and Phoenix Wright are both chugging along; the former is just insanely grind heavy and takes forever. Not its fault; just the kind of game it is. I’ve gotten almost everything from it that one can get from just beating the game and mild investment, now comes the hours of repeating the same dungeon again and again and once more to build up the Nectar to level cap everyone and max out a weapon. It’ll happen… just not this week. Phoenix Wright is just slow in general; each case takes a significant amount of time, some require repeating for collectible-type trophies, and there’s 14 cases to muddle through. I’m currently on case #2 of Justice For All, so only two more in that volume and 5 in Trials and Tribulations, so I’m at the halfway point. It just takes a bit.

All in all, not a great week for the hunt. Only one Platinum (Game of Thrones) and no significant progress elsewhere. My estimate that I might be able to pull 5 in a week was indeed overconfidence. But alas, perhaps next time.

If you want to stalk me on PSN, you can find me as Ashande on there; I’m also on XBox Live (though much less frequently) as Typo Monster.

What’s in your backlog? What game is giving you fits in the quest for 100% completion? Let us know down below!


Trophy Hunt – August 23


That’s what I had to say when the last trophy in Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms popped up – completely unexpected, as while I was trying to keep tabs of how many Free Runs I’d already done, I must have lost count somewhere, as I was expecting to have to do roughly 20 more – and I could at last move it to the “hidden” portion of my Purchased Library.

That’s frequently how I feel when the glorious ding of a Platinum being added is at last heard. Some games just grind me down chasing that 100% completion, until I am so sick of looking at them that I can hardly classify them as games anymore. Idle Champions wasn’t quite at that point, but was still in the “God, can I stop looking at this, now?” camp.

Also ground Code Realize: Future Blessings for Vita and Super Neptunia RPG for PS4 out this last week. Game of Thrones inched forward with another pair of trophies (past the halfway point, huzzah), but continues to make me hate everything in life as I creep through it. Horizon Chase Turbo was a surprise contender – it was free with Playstation Plus, and turned out to be the Rad Racer sequel I never knew I wanted or needed – though the last three trophies I need there are of a caliber that outstrips my capabilities. It may go into the pile of “games I’d love to Plat, but that just aren’t happening” alongside Dead Rising or most Yakuza titles.

Judgment is still calling my name, and Yakuza 3 just got ported over, so plenty of Kamurocho craziness awaits, but I think they’re gonna sit on the back burner for a little bit as I grind through Labyrinth Life and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, both of which crept onto the hard drive this week.

Which brings me to my last point: Does playing a game for a specific platform mark you as some kind of genre ore social traitor? I was accused of losing my nerd cred because I played NeptuniaLabyrinth Life and Phoenix Wright on PS4, when I should be playing them on Switch. Apparently for Neptunia and LL, it’s because of the nastybad “Soyny” censors taking away all the boobies; heard the same argument when I bought Death Mark for Vita instead of Switch. There’s a whole conversation to be had there – primarily about how I play the game because it sounds interesting from a story or mechanics perspective, not because of how much cheesecake I can have with it – but it boils down to one simple thing: Trophies > Titties. Also storage space is important (1TB on PS4 vs 32 GB on Switch), and in the case of LL, it’s cheaper for PS4. If I want cheesecake, Pornhub and XHamster are free and accessible on nearly any device. I want to play games.

So far as PW:AA, the argument seems to be “but they’re Nintendo games! They come from DS!” Okay. And? I seem to recall people being angry about that mindset when Devil May Cry and Metal Gear made their way onto Microsoft platforms. Or when Final Fantasy VII said “So, we’re going to launch on PlayStation, and Nintendo 64 can suck it.” So why is this the hill to die on? Also, again, cost was a factor. It was $7 to download it for PS4. Last I checked, the Switch version is still $30. Save $23 and earn a Platinum? Beats platform loyalty and the ability to play in the bathroom, if you ask me. (Though, technically, I suppose could still play in the bathroom, via Remote Play on the Vita, if I really wanted to.)

Anyway. That’s the roundup for this week. Next week hoping to have Labyrinth Life and Phoenix Wright done, perhaps some progress in Game of Thrones, and GameFly is supposedly dropping Wolf Among Us and Yomiwari on my doorstep, which I don’t expect will take long to deal with. 5 plats in a week? I think I can do it. Maybe.

If you want to stalk me on PSN, I’m there as Ashande; drop a follow or a friend request!


Trophy Hunt – August 16


Not much exciting on the hunt this week. Managed to knock out Code: Realize – Boquet of Rainbows, though was bored to tears by it as I discovered it’s just a compilation of the first two Vita games with nothing new to offer. Ah well, another Platinum for the case, at least, right?

Also dredged through the “games I downloaded when they were cheap and never bothered with” list, finishing off Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror and The Coma: Recut. Knocked out as much as I think I can of Dead Island: Riptide and Dead Rising; for Riptide, there’s some online-only co-op trophies that I acknowledge I’ll never get, and finding the rest of the collectibles is something I just can’t force myself to do right now. The controls and mechanics are just terrible, and having to recover from death every six steps isn’t my idea of a good time. So far as Dead Rising goes, the “Gourmet” trophy seems to have glitched out – I’ve eaten everything in the mall, using a checklist, three times now, still isn’t popping – “Savior” and “Transmissionary” are things I do not possess the patience for (the AI’s behavior and the twitchy controls conspire to make me break controllers and fail those two trophies repeatedly) and I really don’t have the desire to sit around for 14 hours to hit “7 Day Survivor.” Otherwise, that list is done.

Still working on Doom, trying to kick out the multiplayer trophies. All that’s left there is levelling up to a point where I can equip a piece of Cyberdemon armor. Then I can turn my attention to the campaign and bliz through that and be done. Yay.

Lastly, started on Horizon Chase Turbo – which is the Rad Racer sequel we never knew we needed until we played it – and Super Neptunia RPG – which is the (slightly broken) Valkyrie Profile sequel we always wanted and never got. Probably have those two kicked out by next week, but we’ll see how it goes.

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms remains the bane of my existence, but I will have that bloody Platinum soon. At worst, there’s only 75 more free play runs (yes, I’m keeping track) before it pops. Hopefully. If it doesn’t glitch. Ugh.

If you want to stalk me and see how it’s going, you can follow me on PSN (as Ashande), or you can click the pretty trophy card right here:

Until next time, folks!

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Trophy Hunt, August 9th


The hunt continues. In a constant bid to inflate my e-ego, there are always more trophies to be earned, more imaginary accolades to set on the shelf. Some weeks, the chase is akin to Godzilla storming through the middle of Tokyo. Wrecked games everywhere, hundreds of little “ding” noises to signify accomplishments.

This was not that sort of week. I did finally put The Coma: Recut to bed, which was far more stressful than it needed to be – the last chunk of the game suffers from a severe lack of save points, and given the random nature of your pursuer, bad controls, and less-than-functional stealth mechanics, I ended up repeating the same 20 minute sequence around forty times, instead of the twice (once for each major ending) it should have taken. But it’s done. Beyond that, not much progress. Some picking at Dead Island: Riptide (why I bother, given that there are several Online-only trophies required for the Platinum, that I know full well I’ll never get, and given that the game is utter shite on top of it, I don’t know), still trying to level up in Doom (gotta wear that Cyberdemon armor and get 10 Spectre kills for the sweet, sweet, Golds, yo,) and puttering about in Judgment (which, like all Yakuza games, is 100+ hours of doing random crap for the lulz, after which you may receive a trophy.)

GameFly is supposed to be delivering Code: Realize: Bouquet of Rainbows today, so should be ticking some trophies off on that one, at least. And I could always go back and actually finish Game of Thrones to mark up a fresh Platinum if I really hated myself. (As an aside, GoT suffers from the same problem the show and the books have: somehow they take a story all about rape, incest, murder, war, zombies and ancient gods and make it dull as all hell. I don’t know how they manage that.)

Now if I could just manage to break into the top 2,000 in the country rankings… (I actually managed to hit 1997 for an hour or two, but then the usual flood of $3 trophy farm games with multiple stacks hit, the usual suspects raped them in two hours, and back into the 2,000s I went. Le sigh.)

If you want to stalk my progress, you can hunt me down on PSN as Ashande. Sometimes I stream my games, which can be found right here on Twitch.

Hope everyone’s weekend goes well, and if you’ve got suggestions for games to assault for their trophies (or see something on my list you’re having trouble with), let me know down below!

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