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I like spooks. I dream about them, I write about them, and sometimes I’ve lived with them… though that one’s up for debate. Coincidence and schizophrenia have not been completely ruled out.

But what are they? Why are there so many flavors? What draws people like myself to them… or what draws the spooks to us?

I wish I had answers to any of that. But I don’t think it’s quite as simple as “hallucinations” or “spirits of dead people.” I think both of those things are possibilities, as well as “things that are not, were not, and will never be human,” “interdimensional entities,” “things that, for lack of a better term, would be called angels or demons,” “elemental beings,” “things that, for lack of better terminology, could be called beings of faerie or deities,” and “who the hell knows but it’s invisible and mad and I don’t like it so get me the hell out of here.”

Yeah, I believe just about anything’s possible. I suspect the “truth,” if one can even use such a term for this, probably lies in the middle of a messed up Venn diagram.

My current work focuses on an onryo; a vengeance-driven Japanese spirit. Or does it? (We’ll only find out if I make it to the end of the book; my protagonist might just be crazy, could be faking for an ulterior purpose, or it could be his father trying to gaslight him. I’m a pantser, and leaving my options open. I’m going to let the ghost surprise me.)

What about you? Do you believe in spooks? What do you think they are? Does anything you’re working on involve ghosts? What kind? Let us know down below!

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I do believe in spooks!


As Halloween looms (alongside Dia de los Muertos, All Saint’s Day, Samhain, etc, etc, etc) it’s the right season to talk about this sort of thing, I think.

So, do you believe in spooks? Goblins? Vampires? All things supernatural, ephemeral, paranormal and/or as yet unexplained?

I do. People mock me for it, or write it off as my mental illness working overtime, but I still think there’s… something, anyway, out there.

I call ’em spooks, because it’s a handy catch-all term – and includes things that are/were human beings or our friends before becoming metabolically-challenged, things that aren’t human and never were, things that were human and became something… else, and giant friggin’ question marks – but whatever you want to call ’em, I think it’s a genuine possibility.

I’m also a severe skeptic, which might seem like a contradiction. I’m not one of those people who thinks every time there’s a little circle in a picture that it must be a sign that great-grandma is watching. I don’t tag every shadow as an extraplanar entity that means me harm. I don’t think every nightmare is a warning or attack from things beyond the grave. I just believe it’s possible that some of those things might be possible.

That means I tend to hate both hardheaded “science-minded” folks who state it to be categorically impossible and the nutters who think everything is true and shout it to the heavens. I want more middle of the road folks, from both camps, to sit down and talk about it. I want some actual research. I think scientists could afford to have just a little credulity and poke the bear, and most “ghost hunters” could be more willing to accept the possibility that they aren’t seeing what they think they are.

I also sometimes hope that I’m wrong, that there are no such things as spooks of any flavor, and they eventually prove it’s all infrasound, pareidolia, and schizophrenia. It’d be kind of a relief, even if it takes the magic out of it all. It’s honestly more comforting to acknowledge my crazy is the source of the problem, and not that my swords, dolls, windows and walls are harboring things that want to hurt me.

What about the rest of you? Do you believe in spooks? Why or why not? Have some paranormal experiences of your own you want to share? Do you want it to be true? Let us know down below!

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