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Cranky whining

One of those random musings, primarily because I’m having a day that is much higher on the “try not to leave the bed” scale than is normal.

“How much could I get done if I wasn’t broken?”

Genuine curiosity surrounds that. Like, legit, could I get something done if I wasn’t a gimp or wasn’t certifiably crazy?

I think the answer is probably “no.” I’m not one of those “you must suffer for your art” types, but at the same time, I do think it has an impact. If I didn’t spend a lot of time sheltered as a child, if I didn’t have a lot of time left alone with my thoughts, if I wasn’t unable to participate in other activities due to my physical limitations, I probably wouldn’t want to sit and write stories about deranged genies and crying dolls possessed by the spirits of murdered children. I wouldn’t want to be tinkering with game creation tools to make a haunted parochial school.

Would I still be attracted to the creative arts? Who knows? I’m not that version of Kaine. I’m this one, and that’s all I know.

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Photo Friday

Was cleaning out my iPad’s storage, and found myself scrolling through several random photos that I had taken over the last couple of years.

Some of them I found pretty, others funny, others creepy. Figured I would share a few of them.


Have some weird and random photos of your own (with or without cats in refrigerators)? Feel free to share below! Until next time.

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Round or Flat, Does it Matter?

The world is still arguing about the shape of… well, the world. The debate has raged for millennia, regardless of how much evidence seems to push the scale to the argument for roundness. Me, I think they’re bloody fools for thinking it’s flat, but I also acknowledge it’s their right to do so and don’t see what difference it really makes in what’s really important.


Flat or round, log-roll ride gone awry or infinite plane balanced on innumerable turtles, Earth is Earth. It’s where we live, die, play, work, sleep and dream. Does the shape of it matter that much? Are the actually important aspects of the life of the average human, who will not be circumnavigating the globe or tracing the edges of the firmament during that life, in any way impacted by that shape?

I ask because it seems like a variant of that argument is going on a lot in the creative world, as well. People are oh so very concerned about the shape of things, of where they came from, of what format it uses instead of what the thing actually says, does or shows.

Just thinking, a lot of things would be a lot simpler if we’d stop trying to zoom out with the microscopes and telescopes, and started trying to zoom in, instead. Worry less about the giant shape and more about what’s going on down there.

But that’s just my opinion.

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Images from the Park

While lurking in Geer Community Park to record a few thoughts, I also snapped quite a few pictures. Just things that seemed interesting, looked as though they had a story behind them, or creeped me out.

The one of the bridge is my favorite, but the “could be a horseshoe pit, could be a grave, might be both!” is also intriguing to me. Check them out, and if you’re of a mind, feel free to share random creepy or inspirational pics of your own down below!

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