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Dream Journal


This is more for my own personal log than anything else… but some of you out there might have some input or find an image in there that’s worth mining. If so, more power to you, and may it do ya fine as Stephen King’s Roland might say.

I remember two moons. One black moon that radiated white light, one white moon that cast black light. I don’t know what that even means, only that it was terribly important that it worked that way. Both lights would make you sick if you got too much of them; the black light made your skin slough off – and in the painful, radiation sickness sort of way, not like a snake where it’s just part of the daily routine sort of way – while the white light would rot your brain, make your eyes bleed.

Problem was, both conditions were incurable and deadly, but you also needed the lights. Without a proper amount of either, you’d just wither and die. Everyone needed different amounts of both, and there was no real indicator of when you’ve had too much until the sickness got you.

Was, all in all, not a good situation. Though the dream didn’t feel like a nightmare. More like a documentary, if that makes any sense. Just a statement of “this is how things work.”

There may be a story idea in it one day. Not for right now; I have enough on my plate with Believe Me and “Riptide.” But at least I can come back here and look at it if I need a memory jog.

Until next time.

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