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Psst. Did you know?


I like, write stuff. Stories and books and things. Some of it is on this site, but not all of it. There’s lots of it in other places.

I don’t always spend my time playing games, making games, posting half-baked short fiction, bitching about health problems, and lurking on Twitter. Sometimes I actually finish stuff and unleash it on the public.

I don’t like talking about it, because part of me rebels against shameless self-promotion and tends to assume my stuff is horrible and not worth reading… but Halloween season looms, and I like to call myself a horror writer, and I could stand believing someone out there is paying attention, so… yeah.

It’d be awesome if some of you folks out there stopped by my Wattpad and peered at some of my stories. I’m especially partial to “Unkindness and Murder” and “Woman at the Window,” but I have a soft spot for most of them.

If you’re even more intrigued, you can visit my author page over on Amazon. There’s stuff there you can buy. It’s crazy. (And if you do buy something, it’d be extra amazing if you were to Tweet it or review it. Even if you hate it. It’s okay.) For Her seems to be the most popular, while Blogs from the Basement is my favorite over there. You can probably ignore Woken, as it’s stuck in a weird realm of legal hell (thus why they’re charging $108 for used copies and you can’t get it new.) Still trying to resolve that one.

Wait there's more

But wait! There’s more!

I have a YouTube channel, too. It doesn’t get used often – my illness means extensive video production is kinda off limits, let alone location shooting – but I do try to post to it once in a while. Usually gaming-related stuff, but there should be something more Vloggy or writing-related coming once things get a little better. If you wanna stop by and subscribe, that’d be pretty cool.

Speaking of gaming, I’m over here on Twitch as well. Most recently, I endured the madness that is Colonel Sanders, I Love You, and showed me working a bit on “Black Yard” in RPG Maker, but I do all sorts of things on there. Stalking me there will get you notifications when I go live, which means you can harass me and tell me I’m doing it wrong while I try to play something or am fighting with RPG Maker‘s menus to make Events behave the way I want them to.

If you’ve seen all that and think any of it’s awesome, I also have a Patreon. If you like my content and want to help keep me making it, dropping a dime in the bucket there is a great way to do it. Helps pay for my meds, caffeine and nicotine, the triumvirate of fuel that keeps me somewhat functional and able to make this stuff. There’s also a GoFundMe right here, that’s trying to put together the funds to make a more permanent fix to my health problems. They want to stick a laser in my throat and burn off chunks of my lungs. Somehow that’s going to help me breathe, or so they say. Or it’ll make me a shoe-in next time they need to recast Darth Vader. (I work cheap, Disney!) If you wanna share that link or chip in, that’s extra super special awesome.

Anyway. I think that’s enough tooting of my own horn for the day. But to those who’re reading this, or already follow this blog, or follow me on Twitter, or stalk me on my other platforms, or have already bought or reviewed one of my books, or visited, shared or contributed to my Patreon or GoFundMe… thank you. From the bottom of my shriveled little heart, you’re awesome.

Until next time, folks.

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Thanks to My Patrons!

Just wanted to take a moment to thank my Patrons and give them a bit of a shout-out! Your support helps keep me alive – figuratively and literally – and keeps content coming!

Thanks to OhNoTuxedoMask, who does some streaming on Twitch; drop by and give her a subscribe if you have a minute!

Thanks also to Hayley Bault, who does YouTube videos and makeup tutorials; you can find her site right here.

Want your name, tag or site listed here? Want to help out? You can stop by my Patreon and join the club! Help is always appreciated!


Keeping Boats Afloat

“Whatever floats your boat.” It’s a phrase I’m fond of, for no particular reason. It’s frequently spoken slightly dismissively, usually in relation to a habit or endeavor that evokes little or no emotional response in myself but that seems of interest or import to another. Doubly so if it’s an interest or important subject that I don’t understand why it’s important.

Everybody’s out there just doing their thing, living their lives. Frequently the things going on in one person’s life are of no relevance to another. That’s how we get along; doing our best to keep our own boats floating without crashing into someone else’s or letting them ship water onto ours to save their own.

Maybe I’m going too far with the analogy. Oh well.

There’s going to be some whining and begging here, so you are free to skip with no hard feelings. I’m doing my best to get more content up, which isn’t always easy for reasons we’ll delve into in a moment, but hopefully there’ll be some more stuff for fiction, gaming or general horror fans soon.

I’ve had a lot of health problems this year. Severe jaw infection, pneumonia twice, strep, mold infection in the lungs, severe asthmatic beatdown from multiple forest fires, poisoned by algae in the water supply, constant fights with depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and now the potential of autism rearing its head. I’m a bloody mess.

None of those things help with writing, obviously; worse, they make it hard if not occasionally impossible to work, which means no money, which means no meds, which exacerbates the problem, compounding it exponentially.

To continue the above metaphor, the boat is springing leaks faster than I can find corks and bail water; drowning becomes an ever-more-realistic prospect… in a more literal way than one would like, given the penchant for lung problems I possess.

So, anyway. That’s why you haven’t seen much of me lately; I’m either lying on the couch staring at a visual novel while hooked up to a nebulizer or scrambling in brief periods of wellness to try to catch up or sleeping off the latest cocktail of medications that will supposedly fix me “any day now.”

I need help. (“So what?” I hear you say, “So does everyone!” I hear you shout.) So I turn here, where there are supposedly roughly 400 people who pay at least some attention to the things I say and do.

First, to each of you that reads this blog, pays attention to my Tweets, watches my videos or has bought or read my books, thank you. Intellectual and moral support by way of the idea that someone, somewhere is paying attention and may even like my stuff matters. Keep at it.

To those of you who’ve been in bad places and crawled out, or take pity on those who are sitting in their mental and physical caves somewhere despite not having been there themselves, or those who’ve drawn some entertainment or inspiration from the things I’ve done, thank you.

To all of them (and anyone not already covered who happens to read this) give me a moment of your time; I have a GoFundMe and a Patreon, both of which are there to help me keep paying for my meds and keep the lights on in those periods where I can’t work. If you feel like it, you can drop by and drop something in the bucket. Doesn’t matter if it’s a dime or a thousand, it’s appreciated and helps. But don’t think this is just a begging drive; sure, cash is great, but there’s less physical ways to show that what I do matters to someone.

A like. A share. A “keep at it, bro” e-mail or Tweet. Something to show that I’m not beating my head against a wall in the hopes that the concrete cracks before my skull and shouldn’t just throw my hands up in the air and walk away or let myself go down with the ship.

Okay, I’m done whinging for now. For those more interested in “real” content, I should have the second chunk of “Three Blue Hearts” up during the coming week, and I’m trying to put something together for Halloween – might be a stream of Death Mark or Call of Cthulhu, might be a livechat, might be something else, suggestions are welcome.

That’s all for now. And don’t forget, go hug your favorite artist or mentally ill person (or both) today. They probably need it.

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