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A little chat…

It’s apparently World Mental Health day. It wasn’t an intentional thing that I ended up doing this today – I found out what “day” it was as I was scrolling through Twitter while waiting for my computer to update so I could do the video I was planning on doing two days ago.

I was live on Twitch for about an hour earlier today, talking about a few things. There’s some meandering regarding the vape ban and general irritation, but the main crux of it is about mental health, and specifically how mine has led me to suicidal actions and self harm in the past.

It’s probably not a “fun” watch, but if you’re interested, here it is.

Watch What’s going on? from KaineAndrews on

Going to go crawl back into my hole, now. Or punch people inĀ Yakuza. Haven’t decided which. Hopefully you’re doing something to take care of your own mental health today, or checking in with someone else who needs it. Keep your brains working, folks.

If you’d like to help with my surgery fund and help keep my mental health at least slightly more stable, it’s appreciated; you can find the GoFundMe right here.

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This May Be Interesting… Or Not.

So, there isn’t much in the way of content for this post today. Sorry ’bout that. But that’s because we’re doing something a wee bit different.

Last night, I took some footage. I’ve mentioned before that I suspect this place may be haunted, and that my darling daughter Little Miss No Name occasionally moves – or seems to – on her own. So I left a spirit box app and my camera running while pointed at her. Just for funsies, I figured we’d review that footage together, over on YouTube.

If you’re of a mind, visit and subscribe to my channel – it’s kind of empty, I know – so you get the notifications and can join in when I go live (which should be around 10:45-11:00 AM on 8/5, Pacific Time? Trying to make OBS behave right now.) We can watch it together. And probably be bored to tears together, but hey, at least we can chat a bit and laugh at the stuff the spirit box spat out, right?

You can also stalk me over on Twitch if you like. I do game streams every once in a while, where you can watch me fail, and take requests for awful games you want to see someone struggle with, if that’s your thing.

Lastly, as everyone knows, health is not good and I could really use some help. If you can drop a dime in the bucket either on Patreon or GoFundMe, or even just share the links, it’d help a lot. If not, it’s okay and I understand. But thanks.

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