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Tossing in Towels

I tried. I made it a month, and though I didn’t do a writing prompt every day in that month, I did still manage to cough up thirty of them in thirty days. That’s something to be respected.

I just don’t think I can keep this up for an entire year. Fatigue is already setting in, alongside the boredom and writer’s block that were the original problems I was aiming to cure.

I’d like to say I’ll power through it, but I know myself better than that. It was a fun experiment, but not one that appeared destined for success. We’ll see if I can at least continue blogging every day for a while longer, but without the writing prompts I have the issue of “What is there to say?”

I’m sure something will come to me, and I may revisit the prompts again after a refractory period, but for the moment, the train has parked at the station.

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