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Resurrection Post: Best… Doll… Ever.

This seems to be a very popular post, so I’m pushing it back up to the top for those who haven’t seen it. Also it helps give some more awareness to this little doll, who has been very important to my writing endeavors over the last year and a half or so, and about whom you folks will be seeing more of shortly, so… Enjoy!


In honor of Halloween, and since I probably won’t get the opportunity to actually post anything of substance due to inclement weather and work scheduling combined with doctor’s appointments, I give you this:

That’s Little Miss No Name. Apparently a children’s toy circa 1965. And I want one. C’mon, you know having that sitting there… watching you… silently judging with those dreadful, empty red eyes… has got to be good for  inspiration, right? Or at least preventing sleep. Not sure, but from the images I’ve seen, the one on the right (with the red hair and non-burlap clothing) may be a fan alteration or an O.C. based on the original; so far everything I’ve seen otherwise looks like this:

She even has a little poem! How cute. Unfortunately, they seem to go for about $150+ on eBay at the moment, so I don’t forsee her chilling on my desk anytime soon. But still.

So just look into her poor little eyes. Watch that tear slowly track down her cheek. And think lovely, creepy thoughts this Halloween. Meanwhile, I think she’s going to be making an appearance if I ever get off my ass and actually finish “The Cow Says… Die,” which some of you may recall is my abortive attempt at a “haunted toys” story. Til next time!

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