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Doctor’s Orders

I’ve got one of my innumerable doctor visits today. Not looking forward to it. All that ever happens is the same series of questions: “How are you feeling today?” “Like the same crap I felt like last time I saw you.” “That’s too bad. Let’s do some more tests.” “Okay. How much blood is it this time? How many X-Rays? Want me to jog in place for five minutes?”

Round and round it goes, and the end result keeps being nada. “Well, you have severe asthma” they say. No shit, Sherlock. How are you going to fix it? “It’s not safe for you to return to work,” they say. Again, no shit. Tell that to the lawyers and the SSA. Oh, you did. They just didn’t think it was bad enough.

I had a work offer the other day. 4 hours a day, work from home, customer service. I’d have loved to take it, if only to have something else to do with myself and actually have some kind of income coming in. But the doctors looked at it, looked at the requirements and said “it’s not safe, and no guarantees you’d be able to consistently do the job. No. Doctor’s orders.”

There’s a phrase I’m sick of. The doctors are always giving me orders, and none of them seem to get me anywhere. I’m on two steroid inhalers, prednisone, an anti-psychotic, an antidepressant, an antidepressant enhancer, three allergy pills and allergy injections and they still can’t fix me or even render me safe to do something as simple as answer the phone with a “how can I direct your call” and they expect me to be chipper about it?

Part of me wants to say “Hell with it,” and stop going at all. But then I wouldn’t be in compliance, wouldn’t be trying to get better, which would give the SSA a secondary reason to deny me, other than the ones they already use, but I really don’t see the point. Same questions, same answers, lose some more blood, get irradiated again, still no answers.

Part of me wants to say “Hell with it,” go to work anyway despite their warnings and work until I drop, if only to prove a point. “Hah,” it will say on my tombstone. “I told you I was sick.” But that’s not going to get me anywhere, either.

It’s all very frustrating, with no end in sight. But I suppose the moral of the story is, if you don’t see a second writing prompt or post from me today, that’s why. Doctor visits always wear me out, leave me wiped out for the rest of the day, and I don’t foresee being able to drag myself up the stairs again to write anymore today. Though who knows? I may defy expectations.

Have a good day, everyone.


The Doctor is Out

Dr. Gale was going to spend some time with her first patient today, but a few factors prevented that; the resurgence of T-Virus infected bedbugs, tweaks to my meds (and the poor choice of onion-and-pickle-laden egg salad sandwiches for dinner) keeping me up with severe heartburn and acid reflux, and the aftereffects of having the flu shot (I’m mildly allergic, so it tends to cause some pretty nasty pain and swelling, migraines, and aggravate my asthma for a day or two after getting the shot.)

So for anyone hoping to find out which of her four pet nutters are coming through the door first, I apologize. Hopefully, we’ll find out tomorrow. (If it’s any consolation, I didn’t know myself until a few minutes ago, and I still have only vague notions of how that initial consultation is going to go; we can be surprised together, for the most part!)

I may stream a little later today, depending on how the lungs feel and what the temperature is like. I picked up Rise of Insanity, and would like to give it a go, but playing VR when sick and trapped in high heat is a recipe for disaster. Alternatively, I could show some of Labyrinth Life, though that’s liable to lead to all kinds of rants regarding censorship (and I don’t even know if Twitch is okay with it; I know they banned Hunie Pop and Hunie Cam Studio, so I don’t know where they stand on games with a lot of ecchi content these days.) If you have a preference or want to see me play some other atrocious mess, drop me a line on Twitter, in the comments here, or on PSN!

Hope everyone’s Monday is going well; until next time, folks!

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