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Being Active

If I’ve learned anything this week – or re-learned it – it’s that being active is important. If you’re not posting every day, your site stagnates. It sits, unloved and unread. Posting regularly means people show up, and frequently stick around to click a few other things in addition to whatever brought them to you in the first place.

I don’t know why no one beat this into my head before. I suppose it’s one of those “duh” things that you’re supposed to just know, and you’d think after five years on this platform, it would have sunk in, but I guess not.

We learn something every day, or so they tell me. That’s what I learned today. Oh, and that today (January 4th) is World Hypnotism Day, so there’s that.

Any other blogging/visibility tips I should be aware of, that are probably very basic but that I’ve likely missed? Something you want to share with the class? Let me know down below!


What Is There To Say?

Blogging is hard.

I know, that sounds like such a stupid, whinging thing to say, but it is. It’s hard to think of something to say every day – or nearly every day – just to keep your site moving, to keep getting those little dinging bells that say “You’re on a streak!,” to keep people around and justify the money you spend every year to keep your butt parked squarely on your domain name and not fade into complete obscurity.

It’s compounded when you feel like anything you have to say is useless, or has already been said a hundred times before, or will get you cancelled or one someone’s naughty list. Add in a dose of depression, a soup├žon of paranoia, and a dash of terror and you have the recipe for why I go silent for long periods of time.

But then, brilliant mind I, figured out what to do… let’s ask the readers! So for those twenty or so brave souls who regularly stop by and click the “like” button every so often, what is it you’d like to see me talk about? What topics would keep you coming back, and what would drive you off? Let us know down below! (Please?)

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