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Beware the Binge

Netflix is a wonderful but terrible beast. So many shows and movies, all available with just a click of a button.

But it’s a trap. That little bar that pops up at the bottom when one episode or movie is over, scrolling past almost too fast to notice it, that serves up your next bit of entertainment? That’s the death of productivity, right there.

It’s hard to tear yourself away, especially when the system is purpose-built to keep you there.

On the bright side, it also means I don’t have to push anything when I’m sick and just want background noise while I doze and wait for the fever to go away. On the down side, I stay invested and don’t get anything else done.

Probably won’t be a writing prompt today – not because I’m binging Netflix, but because the fever it keeping coherent thought from taking root and being put to use – but hopefully tomorrow.

Until then, it’s Supernatural reruns for me, and bedrest.

Stay safe, everyone… but beware the binge.

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