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New Year’s Art

I took to the canvas again, and this was the result:

Not sure what’s going on with that screwy porcupine-thing in the corner; he just wanted to be there. The trees are pretty deformed, but that’s on purpose… it just didn’t turn out quite how I wanted. Had to stop messing with it before I made it worse. (For the record, they started off as skeletal fingers, until they got smeared. Then they turned into what I call the “screaming trees.”)

I would probably paint more if cleanup wasn’t such a hassle, or if I didn’t have to wait a week for one to dry before I could start a new one. If anyone has suggestions on speeding up either process, please let me know.

Hopefully everyone had a happy and safe New Year’s Eve, and the new year is treating you right so far. Take care, everyone.


I Did A Thing

I haven’t been writing – with the exception of Monster In the Closet, anyway – but that doesn’t mean I’ve been completely avoiding creative pursuits. I recently picked up painting again. I used to do it as a child, but it’s been thirty years, give or take, since I picked up a brush.

Doing it again hurts like hell – the arthritis is not my friend, and the smell of the paint probably isn’t doing my lungs any favors – but it was still at least somewhat enjoyable, and I think the end result was fairly decent. I think it came out okay, at least.

It feels rather empty, especially in the middle, but I think I like it that way. Or I could be telling myself that because I was too scared to try to do anything in the middle for fear of fucking up what I’d already done, that I was at least somewhat proud of. There will be more, but limited space means I have to wait for this one to completely dry before I can take it off the easel and try something else. Something with a bit more red, methinks. Going to find out what happens if you try to make a sky out of Midnight Black and Alizarin Crimson. I hope it will come out dark purple-ish, but I guess we’ll see.

Anyway, in the meantime, lemme know what you think. Should I keep at it, or am I destined to be a second rate Bob Ross? Let me know down below!


Reblog: Cemeteries & Churches

It’s no secret that despite my own mishmash of beliefs, I adore religious architecture and symbols… here’s quite a few great photos of them from a very talented lady. (May I also suggest her shades of grey and water world galleries? I shall.) Comments are disabled here, so please stop by and give a like or comment on her page.


The Claw

Sometimes my brain doesn’t want to write. Sometimes it comes up with other random crap. A lot of times those things are not something I can do; I can’t draw worth a damn. Any musical talent I might once have had has long since corroded. But sometimes I come up with something that I may actually be able to do and feel like doing it.


My “ghost repellent” juice is one such example. Another is what I’m about to embark upon.


Doesn’t look like much, does it? It’s a little camera holder tripod thing from But it’s actually the skeletal structure for a demon’s claw. Going to see how well I can deal with Sculpey. The results will probably not be what I’m hoping for, what I picture in my head, but we’ll see.

Figuring I’m going to buy some of those ridiculously long fake nails and file them down to make the actual claws, then embed them in the Sculpey once I have the “meaty” part right. What I’ll do with it after that is anybody’s guess. Probably just set it on the shelf. But it may please me.

What about you folks out there? Ever have the urge to create something outside of your usual medium? Did you do it? How’d it turn out? Let us know down below!

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