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I did one of those Ancestry DNA tests a while ago. Finally started getting some hits on relatives that aren’t sixth cousins and such. Some of them were even promising leads; 1st cousins, no shared maternal ancestor.

Silly me, getting my hopes up, thinking that maybe at last I’ve found a clue to who my father may be. I messaged them, hoping to untangle a branch or two – or at least narrow down the list of suspects, since if they’re a first cousin, it must be their uncle, yes? – and then I waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

The three potential cousins all left me on read, and have left me there for over a week. Which seems really counter intuitive if you’re on a site that’s all about mapping your family trees. Maybe they just don’t want to acknowledge my father’s dark and mysterious past? Who knows.

Still, frustrating. Perhaps next I’ll take the 23&Me test, see if I get any hits over there. Until next time.



My family tree is a bloody mess. Between adoptions, marriages and one whole half of it being made up of giant question marks, I doubt I’ll ever know where I came from.

There’s those lovely DNA kits, of course, but today that’s the cause of my irritation with the whole thing. The other day, a new match popped up. One who does not show up anywhere in the maternal lineage. One who is listed as being a 1st or 2nd cousin. One no one in my family has heard of.

I was a little excited. This seemed like it could be the key to finally cracking into my mysterious father’s side of the tree… or at least shedding some light on which of the six stories about him, if any, are the truth.

Or… you know, not.

I’ve been left on “read” for several days after I tried to reach out to this person, which leaves me with the question of the day: Why on earth would you join a site that’s explicitly for tracking down and sorting out your relatives, upload your DNA so you can cross reference it to the world at large, and then just ignore a potential close relation? Seems rather counter intuitive to me.

Oh well. I am beginning to suspect the mystery of my father will never be solved. Perhaps I should get me a lightsaber, then. Make it more exciting, at least.

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