You’d think I’d learn. Maybe I will, eventually. But I keep cheaping out on the tools of my trade, and it always turns around and bites me.

Some of you may have seen pics of the Incredible Deteriorating Keyboard (TM) over on Twitter; that was the most recent result of cheaping out, because I didn’t want to have to spend $300 on a keyboard. Instead I paid $150 and got a piece of crap that in less than six months was almost unusable.

Now I’m on the Apple Magic Keyboard, and all I can say is “Wow.” From setup to usage, it’s delightfully quick, responsive and seems sturdy enough. It has now been plastered with Supernatural stickers, as most of my belongings are, but I think it’s going to take pride of place for quite some time.

If any of you out there are looking at tools you need for your creative endeavors, I strongly urge to you spend a little extra for the good stuff, because trust me, every time I go a little less expensive, I end up spending more in the end because I have to repair or replace them.

All that aside, the Apple Magic Keyboard is awesome, and I really recommend it for anyone with an iPad. It’s pure sorcery, I think.

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