News and Such

Been a while, hasn’t it? Just a bit, anyway.

Things haven’t changed significantly on the health front. Degenerating, of course, but hasn’t managed to kill me yet. Still need surgery that I still can’t afford. Oh well. The mental health is more reason why I haven’t been active, as they’ve been playing roulette with my meds and the world outside gets crazier and crazier, increasing my anxiety and depression. C’est la vie.

But I’m not here about that. Two bits of news.

One, not that it’s that exciting to most people, is that I am finally ranked in the top 1,000 in my country and top 5,000 in the world (920 and 4,538 at last check-in) in terms of PlayStation trophy percentage. Busting through those has been a major goal for me for quite a while, and finally hitting the milestone pleases me. It may be sad, but such is life. Trophies provide at least a small measure of validation and sense of accomplishment, which is important given my other problems. Next goal is to break 3,000 worldwide and 500 in the USA. Past that I don’t think is really possible given that I try to play games I actually want to play and don’t multi-stack games from different regions or platforms (unless there’s a difference in content, like Spirit Hunter: Death Mark having an additional case and associated trophies on the console version vs. the Vita version I originally bought), so I’ll never be in the hallowed halls Hakoom and others like him walk… but it’ll still feel good when I get there, anyway.

Second bit of news is probably more exciting, and more of interest to the readers of this blog that still remain: I have a new book coming out. Insomniac Nightmares, a collection of 15 short stories (including the much lauded and never seen “Little Miss No Name”) should be available before the end of July. As soon as I have a link and preview available, I’ll share them here, though don’t expect a lot of shameless self promotion. It’s against my nature, and my mental illness wouldn’t cooperate with it even if that weren’t the case. But hopefully some of you will check it out (or at least give me a virtual pat on the back for getting off my ass and doing something, at least.)

Until next time, folks.

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