Drowning in Social Media

How many social media accounts is “enough?” How many is “too many?” How many is “oh my God, are you some kind of hermit who wants to die alone?”

I don’t know. I don’t think there’s a hard answer to that for everyone. But I do know a lot of us end up with sign-ins to dozens of sites, frequently ones we never use, don’t know how to use, and potentially don’t even remember signing up for.

How many are required to raise awareness of your brand of creative output? Which ones serve that purpose? Which ones are just dead weight that make anyone who stumbles across it assume you’re dead or stopped producing things?

I don’t know that, either.

What I do know is that I have this site, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitch, and try to use them fairly regularly. I have no idea why I have a Pinterest, I just do. Stop judging me. There’s a Facebook Page out there somewhere that I can’t log into and used to be linked to my Twitter and this site, but I have no idea if it still is or what’s going on over there. (The last time I saw anything actually go there when it was supposed to was when Friday the 13th for PS4 came out and I was complaining about the long wait times to get into a game, so that was in May or June of 2017.) I have an account on Nimses, but don’t understand what it’s for or how to use it, and haven’t logged into it since… February or so? I think?

Pretty sure I had a Yahoo Answers, Quora, and Yahoo Groups membership… but I don’t know what the logins were or if I even care. I’m sure there are others I’ve forgotten.

What about you out there? What social media do you use, what do you have accounts for that you don’t touch, and are there any dusty ones you’ve forgotten you ever used at all? Let us know down below!

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