Bad Day

Hasn’t been a good day for much of anything, but I want to try to keep my streak going.

Two things: one, the Oregon vape ban is utter bullshit. (Actually, the bans in general are bullshit, but since I live in Oregon, that one particularly aggravates me.) So, I can go back to worsening my health problems with cigarettes, or return to self-harm or god knows what else to keep my nervous tics and anxiety at bay. So happy for that. Very important that we protect the children (from potentially imbibing a substance that contains nicotine; never mind the existing laws that say you have to be the same age to buy vape products as you do to buy cigarettes) and idiots (from death or “vape sickness,” that has yet to actually be tied to use of nicotine or non-nicotine flavored vape juice, but seems to be highly connected to black-market THC carts and cartridges/juice containing Vitamin E. Wouldn’t want to mention that, though, because otherwise, the potheads would be out of luck.

I find my tolerance for marijuana users decreases daily. I used to be in the “who cares, legalize it” camp, many moons ago. Of course, I also wanted it to be government regulated and taxed to hell rather than the free for all of a dispensary on every goddamn street. But between the attitude of most hardcore pot users (“marijuana and hemp fixes everything, man!”), my next-door neighbor slowly poisoning me by toking constantly right by his door (and somehow getting away with it, despite that we’re in an explicitly no-smoking building), and now some pothead idiots killing themselves with homebrew bullshit oil and thus sparking a wildfire of bans on items unrelated to the cause while screaming for their own rights the whole while, I’ve reached an “I don’t give a shit” level.

Oh, and good to know that at least one presidential candidate is in favor of decriminalizing heroin. Because, you know, so long as that nasty Strawberry Jam nicotine syrup is off the market, the kids are safe. Shooting up is totally fine.

I could go on – for hours and/or pages, I’m sure – but it’ll just go in circles. Besides, I’ve already been informed I’m an evil alt-right Nazi for originally suspecting this was going to happen back when San Francisco came up with it about six months ago, and an even worse alt-right Nazi for being upset about it now. (Those same folks also seem inclined to tell me “just quit, you don’t need drugs, you’re just weak,” frequently while puffing some weed or playing with their kratom.)

The other reason I’m irritated ties back to my issues with NaNoWriMo. I had some small measure of inspiration. A monster hunting ex-Yakuza from Hawaii spoke to me in the dark of the night and said he wanted to tell me his story. But I’m an evil alt-right Nazi – and a racist cultural appropriator, to boot – for thinking it’s an interesting story and thinking about writing it down.

So, yeah. Very much a bad day. Hopefully those of you out there are faring better.

Until next time.

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