Gearing Up For Something

It’s October. That mneans it’s the season of the witch and all that. Which is nice, especially for someone who fancies himself a horror writer.

I have things to do for the month; I do intend to come back to Dr. Gale’s story, once I can think straight. I have to finish streaming Rise of InsanityBlack Yard is still being picked at. Plenty of Halloweenish stuff to do.

But my mind is already running a month ahead. NaNoWriMo is coming. I’ve heard of it often, and think I understand the basic idea, but have declined to participate. I think this year it’s time to do it. Or at least try. We’ll see how it goes.


If you’ve participated in previous NaNoWriMos, your advice, suggestions or input about the experience are very welcomed. If you’re participating this year and want to be buddies (which is a thing, I guess? I don’t know much about it yet, as I just created my profile) you can find me on there as Kaine Andrews.

We’ll see how it goes. I suspect it’ll crash and burn like most of my attempts at longer fiction since Woken – something always gets in the way – but it can’t hurt to try, right?

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