Guinea Piggin’

Apparently, I get to be a guinea pig for an ailment tracker. This should be exciting.

The short version is that any time I have a noticeable change in symptoms relating to my asthma, depression, schizophrenia, migraines or what have you, I’m supposed to log all details relating to the incident. Time, day, weather, circumstances, severity, duration, cross-correlation with other issues if any, etc. Then I send it all off to la la land, where they collate it and cross-reference it with other people doing the same thing, and somehow that’ll help people who have similar problems that while chronic are not always at peak presence and tend to fluctuate.

I don’t know how this will benefit me in the long run, but it’s an amusing exercise, at least. Gives me something to do while I wait for symptoms to subside so that I can do anything that I actually want to or should be doing.

I suppose it won’t be helpful if I just draw a black line through every day and write “blah” on it, though that’s tempting. It’s about how I feel.

Send chicken.

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