Sick and tired

…of being sick and tired. Not leaving the house except for doctor visits. Haunting the house more than living in it, drifting around the living room and attempting to move as little as possible. Having the will to do plenty of things but not the ability or resources.

It’s bloody miserable. Today is just worse than usual, as I get to be poked and prodded and loaded into a tumble-dry coffin and forced to wheeze out my tidal breath until I almost faint and be pushed around in a wheelchair from one end of the medical campus to the other. This has been going on for the last 3 hours, and will continue for at least another three.

Pretty sure there’s not going to be anything done on Black Yard or “Dr. Gale,” as I already just want to curl up and die, so I can’t imagine it’ll be any better when they finally decide to let me go.

Stupid thing is this all is probably pointless. They’re just running up the bill because they can, at this point, and it’s not helping my state, t mood, or my other bills. Kind of makes me wonder why I keep going.

Oh well. Hope everyone else is doing alright today. If anyone sees this, please skip thoughts and prayers and send chicken. (I’ve decided that’s my new catchphrase. Thoughts and prayers are, of course, appreciated. But nothing beats a Popeye’s spicy #4 with mashed potatoes, am I right?)

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