Cranky whining

One of those random musings, primarily because I’m having a day that is much higher on the “try not to leave the bed” scale than is normal.

“How much could I get done if I wasn’t broken?”

Genuine curiosity surrounds that. Like, legit, could I get something done if I wasn’t a gimp or wasn’t certifiably crazy?

I think the answer is probably “no.” I’m not one of those “you must suffer for your art” types, but at the same time, I do think it has an impact. If I didn’t spend a lot of time sheltered as a child, if I didn’t have a lot of time left alone with my thoughts, if I wasn’t unable to participate in other activities due to my physical limitations, I probably wouldn’t want to sit and write stories about deranged genies and crying dolls possessed by the spirits of murdered children. I wouldn’t want to be tinkering with game creation tools to make a haunted parochial school.

Would I still be attracted to the creative arts? Who knows? I’m not that version of Kaine. I’m this one, and that’s all I know.

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