There’s a doorway. Over there. Wait. No. Over there. Maybe. Is it here? Could be.

It moves around, you know. Never in the same place for more than a minute or two. Oops. Missed it again, didn’t you? That’s okay. It’ll come back around. It likes to stay around here. Who knows why.

Where does it go? Who knows? Maybe to wherever it went. Maybe to wherever it came from. Maybe somewhere else. Wouldn’t it be fun if it happened to you right when you opened a normal door, and instead of your nice, normal life, you stepped through into something else?

But how would you leave? Is the door on the other side of itself? Does it move around over there, too? What does “over there” even mean? Does it matter? Try it and see.

Go on.

Open the door. Take a peek. Can’t hurt, can it? What, are you chicken? “Curiosity killed the cat,” you say? You obviously hadn’t heard about the second part of that. “Satisfaction brought him back.” Aren’t you curious? Don’t you want to be…

Wait! There it is again! Right there! Don’t you see it? You sure you’re not curio… okay. Be brave, m’lad. What can go wrong?

There you go. Enjoy the doorknob? I hear it’s made of genie’s brass. Or maybe it was Jenny’s ass. I disremember which.

Open it. Go on. It won’t leave until you open it or let go. How do I know? I just know these things. Yes. That’s it. Pull it open.

Doesn’t look like much, does it? I know. Step inside, though. You’ll see things. You’ll learn things. I promise. Go on, now.

Careful. First step’s a doozy.

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