Trophy Hunt – August 30


It has not been a good week, trophy wise. I finally kicked Game of Thrones to the curb, so there’s that, but beyond that it’s been slow going. There’s been some picking at the backlog (Dead Rising 2: Off the Record saw me picking up a handful of trophies that I didn’t have out of sheer laziness) but mostly it’s been adding Uneared Trophies to the list without chipping any away. The Yakuza Collection now taints my card with 1 out of 50 in Yakuza 3 (I will get to it, but for now it’s denting my percentage alongside its siblings, JudgmentYakuza Kiwami 2 and Yakuza 6, all of which I really need to sit down and just finish already.) The Wolf Among Us has been begun, but I haven’t had the time to sit and plow through it; it seems significantly longer than other Telltale offerings… but at least it’s actually good, unlike its cousin Game of Thrones. Yomawari: Night Alone and Firefly Diary are there, too, but are unlikely to be fast completions. Yomawari, especially, with the “Long Night” trophy, requiring you to play for 50 hours, is gonna take a bit.

Labyrinth Life and Phoenix Wright are both chugging along; the former is just insanely grind heavy and takes forever. Not its fault; just the kind of game it is. I’ve gotten almost everything from it that one can get from just beating the game and mild investment, now comes the hours of repeating the same dungeon again and again and once more to build up the Nectar to level cap everyone and max out a weapon. It’ll happen… just not this week. Phoenix Wright is just slow in general; each case takes a significant amount of time, some require repeating for collectible-type trophies, and there’s 14 cases to muddle through. I’m currently on case #2 of Justice For All, so only two more in that volume and 5 in Trials and Tribulations, so I’m at the halfway point. It just takes a bit.

All in all, not a great week for the hunt. Only one Platinum (Game of Thrones) and no significant progress elsewhere. My estimate that I might be able to pull 5 in a week was indeed overconfidence. But alas, perhaps next time.

If you want to stalk me on PSN, you can find me as Ashande on there; I’m also on XBox Live (though much less frequently) as Typo Monster.

What’s in your backlog? What game is giving you fits in the quest for 100% completion? Let us know down below!

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