More poking and prodding

Yet another doctor has been added to the stable. This one is another physical therapist, who is apparently tasked with pushing me to the edge of my endurance to see what it takes to break me and how badly broken I am when it’s done.

Again, I suspect my willingness and ability to endure pain above my logical threshold is liable to have them mark me as not broken. Silly me, having taken lessons to heart about bludgeoning oneself to the point of near-death when it must be done but still thinking it shouldn’t have to be done every single day for every single thing.

Just thinking about it makes my body ache and my lungs seize up, and my mental symptoms are definitely having a heyday this morning. But oh well.

Managed to get something on paper for Dr. Gale at least, though it’s not a complete chapter – or even paragraph – but progress? Should be able to turn it into something more substantial for tomorrow or Thursday’s post. We hope. Assuming the roach spray and PT don’t kill or incapacitate me.

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