Trophy Hunt – August 23


That’s what I had to say when the last trophy in Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms popped up – completely unexpected, as while I was trying to keep tabs of how many Free Runs I’d already done, I must have lost count somewhere, as I was expecting to have to do roughly 20 more – and I could at last move it to the “hidden” portion of my Purchased Library.

That’s frequently how I feel when the glorious ding of a Platinum being added is at last heard. Some games just grind me down chasing that 100% completion, until I am so sick of looking at them that I can hardly classify them as games anymore. Idle Champions wasn’t quite at that point, but was still in the “God, can I stop looking at this, now?” camp.

Also ground Code Realize: Future Blessings for Vita and Super Neptunia RPG for PS4 out this last week. Game of Thrones inched forward with another pair of trophies (past the halfway point, huzzah), but continues to make me hate everything in life as I creep through it. Horizon Chase Turbo was a surprise contender – it was free with Playstation Plus, and turned out to be the Rad Racer sequel I never knew I wanted or needed – though the last three trophies I need there are of a caliber that outstrips my capabilities. It may go into the pile of “games I’d love to Plat, but that just aren’t happening” alongside Dead Rising or most Yakuza titles.

Judgment is still calling my name, and Yakuza 3 just got ported over, so plenty of Kamurocho craziness awaits, but I think they’re gonna sit on the back burner for a little bit as I grind through Labyrinth Life and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, both of which crept onto the hard drive this week.

Which brings me to my last point: Does playing a game for a specific platform mark you as some kind of genre ore social traitor? I was accused of losing my nerd cred because I played NeptuniaLabyrinth Life and Phoenix Wright on PS4, when I should be playing them on Switch. Apparently for Neptunia and LL, it’s because of the nastybad “Soyny” censors taking away all the boobies; heard the same argument when I bought Death Mark for Vita instead of Switch. There’s a whole conversation to be had there – primarily about how I play the game because it sounds interesting from a story or mechanics perspective, not because of how much cheesecake I can have with it – but it boils down to one simple thing: Trophies > Titties. Also storage space is important (1TB on PS4 vs 32 GB on Switch), and in the case of LL, it’s cheaper for PS4. If I want cheesecake, Pornhub and XHamster are free and accessible on nearly any device. I want to play games.

So far as PW:AA, the argument seems to be “but they’re Nintendo games! They come from DS!” Okay. And? I seem to recall people being angry about that mindset when Devil May Cry and Metal Gear made their way onto Microsoft platforms. Or when Final Fantasy VII said “So, we’re going to launch on PlayStation, and Nintendo 64 can suck it.” So why is this the hill to die on? Also, again, cost was a factor. It was $7 to download it for PS4. Last I checked, the Switch version is still $30. Save $23 and earn a Platinum? Beats platform loyalty and the ability to play in the bathroom, if you ask me. (Though, technically, I suppose could still play in the bathroom, via Remote Play on the Vita, if I really wanted to.)

Anyway. That’s the roundup for this week. Next week hoping to have Labyrinth Life and Phoenix Wright done, perhaps some progress in Game of Thrones, and GameFly is supposedly dropping Wolf Among Us and Yomiwari on my doorstep, which I don’t expect will take long to deal with. 5 plats in a week? I think I can do it. Maybe.

If you want to stalk me on PSN, I’m there as Ashande; drop a follow or a friend request!

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