Things we Worry About When Our Favourite Book is Turned Into a Film #Books #Bookish

A step by step walkthrough of my thoughts whenever I hear “Did you know? X is going to be a movie!” (Comments disabled here; please visit the original post.)

Lucy Mitchell

You read the rumours on social media. There’s an unexplained buzz in the office. In the coffee shop queue everyone is talking about it: your favourite novel is being turned into a film.

At first you are filled with a giddy happiness. It will be great to see it made into a film…and then, the worry sets in.

  1. The casting directors won’t get the casting right. In your head you know who should play the lead roles and your casting choices involve some big Hollywood names. You don’t want to be disappointed. Excuses such as the small film budget will impact casting is not acceptable.
  2. Thefilm will notstay true to the plot.Last year you gave your friend a reassuring hug after the film version of her favourite book did not stay true to the plot. It was nothing like the book she loved to read, there were extra scenes…

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