Trophy Watch: August

I talked a bit about being fixated on trophies and achievements yesterday. Continuing the theme – and for a lack of anything else to mention this morning but not wanting to give up my streak – I figured I’d share what I’m grinding on this month. It might become a weekly or monthly series… dunno yet.

My backlog is huge, but thanks to my extended convalescence, I have time to work my way through it. I’ve made quite a bit of progress of late, but the need is never fully satisfied. This month, we’re starting strong, already knocking a Platinum out (via Death end Re:Quest, which is possibly the most screwed up anime visual novel/JRPG you’ll ever play, and if you get the chance, I highly recommend it) and chipping away at some long-time low percentage lurkers, Doom (2016) and Dead Island: Riptide. Also of note is the newest in the Yakuza series, Judgment, which I admit I will never platinum (like all Yakuza games, there are just some things I cannot do, such as grasp the intricacies of koi koi, oichu-kabu, or mahjongg to the level required to win consistently. Given that every one of them has a trophy relating to 100% completion, which includes winning a virtual crapton of money in those games, it’s unlikely ever to occur.) but that I love nonetheless.

What’s next? Well, Far Cry 5 and its DLC have been eyeing me (though, given that I don’t have any PSN friends to do the co-op trophies with, it will probably never be 100%), and I really should go back and finish Darksiders 3 and Spider-Man‘s respective DLCs… but Atelier Sophie and Ace Combat 7 also want some love. We’ll see. If you’ve got a suggestion (or if there some other game you’d like to see me attempt, potentially on my stream over on Twitch), let me know via Twitter or in the comments.

Just going to drop my trophy card here, so folks can see where I’m at, if that’s of any interest to you. If you feel like it, shoot a friend request or a follow to me over on PSN; the PSN ID is Ashande. (Or, though I don’t play it as much, if you’re an Xbox fan, you can find me as Typo Monster on there.)

Thanks, everyone, for reading. Hope your month is going well. I’d also like to give a shoutout to OhNoTuxedoMask for being the top Patreon! Give her a follow, because she’s awesome. If you’d like to join her, you can always check out my Patreon right here; or if you want to help me keep breathing, the GoFundMe for my surgery can also be found. Support is always appreciated but never required.

Until next time…

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