Come Crawling Back

In theory, the last of the medical issues are on the way out at last. Of course, one has thought that before, but have to keep the fingers crossed, I suppose.

Of course, that leads to other problems. I’m sure other creative types have had similar issues; disruption of a good creative run seems to inevitably make returning to that run harder. The longer it goes on, the more times you tell yourself “I’m not quite ready yet,” the easier it is to push back being “ready,” whatever that means. It gets harder and harder to drag yourself back to the keys – or the canvas, or the instrument – and push forward. “It’s already been so long,” you say. “What does another day or two matter?”

Quite a lot, it seems. But I’ve managed. While it isn’t groundbreaking work, I have at least made it approximately halfway through the next chunk of “Riptide,” slogged through preparing and posting this, and have the raw footage for my next video post. That will go up soon, once I remember how to use Premiere.

In other fun news, my old iPad – affectionately referred to as Cyber Dracula MK-II, after a book I really intend to finish one day – has been retired and replaced, and Yakuza 6 came out, so I am torn between the task of getting all my apps and such up to date and disco-stomping stern-faced Japanese men in garish suits. Neither of which should really be distracting, but being unable to speak, chew, or even close my mouth and being crippled with a procrastination-induced guilt when I glance at a keyboard, one does what one can.

Hopefully those of you out there are doing better. Regular posting should resume from this point forward. Take care, folks.

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