World-Building: Concordat of Lashan – Lashando


The Accursed are those vampires who met their ruin due to magical influence. Whether a curse brought down on their own heads by overzealous supernatural explorations or one levied against them by another, each of them has been marked by dark magic and prowls the night as an eternal fiend as a result.

Their curse levied by magic and with backgrounds typically steeped in occult knowledge, Lashando frequently find themselves blessed with formidable supernatural might, especially when compared to other vampires of similar age and temperament; beasts of the field live to serve the Accursed, and they are frequently capable of taking animalistic forms themselves. With further experimentation, the Accursed are able to bend the strength of their unnatural condition to willwork and spellcraft, achieving results that humans and most other vampires would consider unnatural and impossible.

This power comes at a price, however; the Lashando are those among the Concordat who most closely resemble stereotypical depictions of vampires. Unable to stand sunlight, drinking blood, and frequently sporting unnatural and recognizably inhuman features such as eyes that burn red, odd and animalistic pointing of the nose and ears, or elongated, claw-tipped fingers are common among them, and such deformities frequently become more pronounced and numerous the older the vampire is.

Lashando are heavily attuned to the element of Earth, craving the stability it provides; they rarely travel far from their homelands, and typically keep some of the soil from that place with them at all times. Others go so far as to dig a fresh grave and slumber within it or even to use their powers to melt into the earth itself. Removing them from their territory or denying them access to fresh soil frequently provokes irritability and unpredictability in their magic.

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