World-Building: Concordat of Lashan – Stryx


The Stryx, occasionally also known as Sirens, are like their cousins the Velassen, in that they are frequently well-hidden and mistaken for humans. While the sun is no friend to these vampires, their hearts still beat and their hungers remain strong. It is those desires that lead to their condition; Stryx are frequently the result of those suffering from nymphomania or satyriasis. Their compulsive approach to sex leads them to the point where they exhaust their partners spiritually as well as physically until sooner or later someone dies in the act.

Feasting on sexual energy, Stryx are often engaged in a never-ending search for a partner who can keep up with them, almost inevitably leading to burnout for their human lovers. This rarely bothers the Stryx for long, however, as their hunger drives them to move on quickly and find a replacement.

The few Sirens who either seek or believe in a cure typically preach celibacy and fasting, hoping to starve out the inhuman part of them. It rarely works – if the Stryx was strong-willed in their human days, they likely wouldn’t have become what they are – but it doesn’t stop them from trying, and far more frequently than other vampires. Some suspect it has something to do with the ease for which they can pass as human, leading to them lamenting their state, and unlike the Velassen, they are able to enjoy and appreciate the sensations.

Stryx are prone to subtle forms of supernatural power, those especially well-suited to their feeding preferences; they typically exhibit paranormal allure, drawing potential prey to them. With a more practiced application of their arts, they can even alter their forms to appear more desirable… or horrifying.

Stryx seem to have an innate connection to the element of fire; their temperaments often reflect this, with manic mood swings having them first create great things before consuming everything around them, growing hungrier as they do. A Siren who is denied the pleasure or want of the moment often turns to rage in response.

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