Wandering Minds

We’re all thinking. All the time. Sometimes they’re useful thoughts, sometimes they’re errant meteor showers of unrelated images, sometimes its just mindless babbling, white noise against the silence.

For creative types, this can be both a blessing and a curse. It’s one I’ve fought with extensively, and I’m sure the rest of you out there can sympathize.

How do you train your brain to focus on the project(s) at hand, instead of wandering off with dozens of exclamations of “Hey, look at this over here!”?

“Riptide” is progressing. Believe Me has gotten a few keypecks; not as much as I’d like, but more than expected, and that will have to do. But this week it’s been harder and harder to work on those, because my scattered little mind wants to tell me all about all the people who were cryogenically frozen and woken up, and if they have souls or not and why they don’t sleep, or it says that it knows exactly what happened to Oscar, Little Miss No Name’s beloved puppy.

Sure, those things are interesting and should be pursued at some point, but following those little breadcrumb trails are distracting from the current projects at hand, and inevitably will spawn their own extra threads and on and on it goes, never-ending. Eventually, you end up writing a laundry list of items needed to rob a blood bank circa 1950 and don’t know why and your original project is a dim flash in the darkness many miles away.

How do you reign that little bastard in and chain it to the right block? Or are you one of the lucky ones who doesn’t have this problem? Let us know your horror stories down below!

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