Goodreads Review: Second Sight

Second Sight

Second Sight by Judith Orloff

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

What to say about this one… hmm. Well, coming in I was expecting it to be a little flowery, a little off; looking at the cover should tell you that much, and I wasn’t disappointed. Still, I was expecting to hear at least a little about the struggles to merge the physical and metaphysical, to learn how Dr. Orloff had developed her psychic talents and how they would best be put to use in treating people, especially those with mental illness.

What I got instead was a lot of discussion about how psychic healers used to be a lot more respected, were way more important in the past, and how medicine needs to get together and start getting psychic. Actual practical applications or stories were rare, and the few that were in here were so bizarre, perfectly detailed and just so happen to fit exactly to the circumstances or apparent point that they felt falsified and forced.

The discussion about her family life, the mother who denied the psychic (despite every woman in the family having it, including dear ol’ mom) and the final acceptance of it alongside sharing all kinds of secret psychic stories from her childhood and before – that then leads into the predictable pages explaining the true power of the sacred feminine and how it runs in her family’s bloodline as a blessing and a message that must be carried – start really pushing the boundaries of belief and the credibility I was willing to extend to the work, alongside bloating the good Doctor’s sense of self-worth.

Further in, we’re treated to numerous discussions of her meditation sessions, including one in the woods where she explains in detail how leaning against a tree leads to the most explosive orgasm (her words, not mine) of her life. Then we finish up with a couple dozen more pages explaining that it’s very important to merge the psychic with the medical to truly help patients, without giving much in the way of specifics (other than a passage about a gynecologist she knows who has an intuitive healer in the office who helps diagnose patients before they’re even seen by the doc, and performs laying on of hands to patients who need it.)

All in all, it was a lot of floaty, hippy-dippy stuff and anecdotal evidence that doesn’t provide much in the way of evidence or serious discussion about the viability of psychic healing merged to an unbelievable biography that droned on for nearly 400 pages with little to no payoff. Don’t recommend it.

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