Breaking Vows


The image says it all, really.

I’d pretty much sworn off Nintendo products after the Wii. The repeated disappointment of having shovelware crammed down my throat, combined with only rare releases of actually decent games – that generally weren’t worth the wait, with the notable exceptions of Manhunt 2 and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, or were released on other platforms and often in better editions – left me tired of the one-time king of the hill.

The WiiU didn’t do anything to help. “Look, more gimmicky crap! Oh, and here’s all the games you could have been playing for the last 2 years, with minor tweaks. You’re welcome!”

The flood of assorted DS models seemed like a succession of one-trick ponies; “Let’s keep throwing the same Pokemon and Mario game at them, and rereleasing the system in different colors! They’ll keep buying it!” It also suffered from the pattern of “Hey, there’s this cool game on 3DS… oh, wait, you can buy it on Vita or an HD version on the PS/Xbox store. For half the price.”

Then the Switch sits there and smugly points out “Hey. Did you know that some actual real games come out for me?”

cartman hate

Now, the lineup isn’t quite as awesome as it could be – and again, for those who have PS4, Xbox One or gaming computers, a lot of it is stuff we’ve already been through – but it seems like they at least give a damn. Metroid Prime 4? Okay, you have my attention. Remastering Bayonetta and announcing the third game is going to be Switch only? You receive an eyebrow raise. The whispers that Fatal Frame 45 may actually hop on over, at long last? Well, damn. I guess I need another chunk of plastic sitting next to my television.

I’m eyeing the Switch very warily right now. Looking at the list of available games, I’m not sure there’s much there that I desperately need… but it’s coming. What about those of you out there? What are your opinions? What Switch games do I absolutely need in my life? (Keep in mind, I despise Mario KartMario PartySmash Bros. and most minigame collection types.)


Off to seethe and stare at my tax return documents while dragging my finger over Amazon’s “pre-order now” button for Bayonetta 2.

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