Serial and Milk


Layers” is winding to its conclusion; there will be another piece either later today or tomorrow. All told, I expect there to be a total of 8-10 segments.

It brings to mind a question, however. To those loyal readers who have been keeping pace with the story and the blog itself, does the serialized nature of the story do anything for you? Is that something you would like to see more of, or would you prefer only whole stories and snippets, or purge the fiction entirely? Your vote counts, so drop it down below if you’re of a mind.

Obviously, I’m not going to delete “Layers,” or stop before it’s done. It’s merely planning for future items, of which there are a couple ideas floating about my deranged little mind. I’ve found it very easy to work on “Layers,” and enjoyed the serialized style… for some reason, I found it easier to write that way than to think about the project as a whole. If nothing else, it’s been a learning experience.

I hope you’ve enjoyed it, in any case. The end draweth nigh; if you’d like to get a head start and see what’s happened so far, you can find the beginning right here.

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