Goodreads Review: Fire Burn

Fire Burn: Tales of Witchery, a collection of true accounts of witchcraft and demonologyFire Burn: Tales of Witchery, a collection of true accounts of witchcraft and demonology by Ken Radford

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Might seem a little harsh, but overall I found this book lacking in substance, fairly repetitive and boring.

There’s roughly 50 “tales of witchery” to be found here, each one averaging around a page and a half. Given the short format – alongside the age of most of the cases and the general disregard for silly things like “evidence” in cases of witchcraft – it’s understandable that there isn’t a lot of detail to be had; still, it could have used some improvements in that regard, and when I finished, I was left sitting with the book in my lap and eyebrow raised, asking “What, that’s it?”

Add in that several of the stories seem to basically be the same story with the names shuffled around a bit, and it doesn’t really feel like this was worth reading. And that’s before you get to the ones that I’d read before in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark or in other (better) collections of paranormal blurbs.

It’s not terribly written, and that’s probably the best I can say for it; would give it a pass unless you’re absolutely desperate for this sort of material.

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